Mayor’s Committee on Accessibility Seeks New Members

Committee on accessibility fosters consideration, encourages full participation, and invites members


PARSIPPANY — The Mayor’s Committee on Accessibility (MCA) is seeking members to join its ranks, and assist in advocating for residents with disabilities. 

Working at the township government level, composed of Parsippany residents with personal or family experience of disabilities, an all-volunteer, the MCA evaluates public accommodations to ensure participation by all who live and work here; advocates for anyone encountering problems; and above all welcomes the involvement and input of our fellow Parsippanyans! 

Have trouble finding accessible parking spaces where they should be? Navigating sidewalks that could have more curb-cuts and level paving? Getting a scooter in a local store? The MCA would like to hear your perspective and your ideas for improvement. 

“The MCA of Parsippany-Troy Hills is open for business,” says Mayor Michael Soriano, “and dedicated to making sure all our neighbors can contribute to our economic and social life equally.” 

The MCA will be listening to residents, and pooling its own members’ individual experience on what works best. The Committee will spotlight the most accessibility-friendly businesses in town; work with township officials to ensure compliance with the ADA and other laws; seek to partner with all local organizations, services, and activities to advance full participation; distribute information; and in time, hold public events for learning and fun, with all being welcome and able to attend. 

“Please consider joining the committee,” says MCA Chair Lily Benavides. “There are open positions, and we could use the industriousness and imagination that makes Parsippany such a special place to live, work, and visit — and the ideas that can make that true for more people than ever!” 

The Mayor’s Committee on Accessibility can be found on the township’s website at, and on Facebook at Please feel free to visit the site to learn more, and the Facebook page to leave us a message, ask a question, or bring an issue to our attention. If you are interested in joining, please send a direct message via the Facebook page.