Letter to the Editor: Herbig Actions Should Make all of us Concerned

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Dear Editor:

Usually, when political campaigns engage in underhanded tactics many of us sit back and watch without acting. However, a recent letter to the editor and the subsequent sharing of it by one of the Democratic candidates should be addressed. Cori Herbig and these actions should make all of us concerned for the future of politics in our community. Many of us have sat back and watched our town deteriorate beyond recognition due to the actions of this current administration and long desperately for change. We have seen our taxes increase, developments are negotiated, and a remarkable disregard for the employees of Town Hall. Ms. Herbig is running with Mayor Soriano to continue and support this abominable record of poor management, and what concerns me the most is the desperation in their campaign in preventing Justin Musella from winning.

Justin has been a staple of events in our community, making time and effort to attend every invitation made to him. While I believe we’re all community leaders, he has made it clear that he stands with the Indian American community without any reservations and has proven himself time and time again to be a reliable friend. He has shown that if elected, he will be a true ally to not only us, but all residents in this town regardless of their background or political affiliation. Herbig however, has made a name for herself attacking people on issues that she has little understanding of, including Soriano’s own former running mates. It truly is a shame that Herbig has decided she cannot run a campaign purely based on the issues, especially considering there are so many that affect residents daily.

Musella has made it clear, whoever wins the Mayor’s race in November would have to do what is in the best interests of the residents or face opposition from him. McCarthy and Peterson have set the standard for real representation and standing up for what they believe is right, even if it goes against the best interests of their party. Musella would continue this and prevent overreach from the executive. Herbig on the other hand would operate as an arm of Soriano and ultimately put the party first.

Let us put Herbig’s ugly and divisive campaign strategy behind us and hope that she and her running-mates come to their senses and run a respectful and engaging campaign without personal attacks.

Madhu Gadikota