Letter to the Editor: Justin Musella will be an Asset to Township Council

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I was taken-aback and shocked to read an article being circulated engaging in ad campaign attacks against council candidate Justin Musella. I have known Justin for more than a year and he has endeared himself to every person in our community. Justin has been a staple of events hosted by the Indian American Community and has always been friendly and welcoming to the people he meets. I have had the pleasure of hosting him a couple of times this year, especially the event for July 4th where he joined our celebrations with his fiancée.

do not think that the article represents his beliefs accurately and hope that the readers will know the malafide intentions of the article in attacking him politically as they fear that he will easily win the elections due to his popularity and hard work. This type of desperation coming out of his opponent’s campaign is bright as daylight and should not be welcomed in our community. While I was considering a vote for one of the Democratic candidates, this is no longer the case. I request you to kindly publish this letter so that people will know that Justin Musella is a good man and will be an asset to Parsippany in the council.

Rajendar Dichpally