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Commemorating Success: Eagle Scout Recognition for Two Exceptional Youths

PARSIPPANY — Tyler Geddes and Eashan Iyer were bestowed with the prestigious rank of Eagle during the Parsippany BSA Troop 173’s ceremony held on Sunday, April 13. The event was held at the Puddingstone Community Clubhouse.

The Eagle Scout rank holds immense significance within the Scouting movement, representing the highest achievement in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) program. It symbolizes honor and responsibility of the utmost degree.

The statistic highlighting that only 5% of Scouts attain the Eagle rank underscores the demanding criteria necessary to reach this pinnacle. To ascend to Eagle Scout status, a Scout must exhibit leadership prowess, accumulate a requisite number of merit badges spanning diverse interests, undertake a substantial community service project, and embody Scouting’s core principles and values.

Upon achieving Eagle rank, a Scout retains this distinction for life, irrespective of age or continued involvement in Scouting. This enduring designation serves as a testament to the exemplary character, unwavering dedication, and exemplary leadership qualities demonstrated by Eagle Scouts.

Eashan Iyer, Mayor James Barberio and Tyler Geddes

Eagle Scouts are encouraged to serve as paragons and mentors both within Scouting and their broader communities. As you rightly noted, many Eagle Scouts excel in various fields such as the military, academia, professions, clergy, business, and politics. The values and skills imbibed through the Scouting program often contribute significantly to their accomplishments in these spheres.

It’s important to recognize that while Eagle Scouts have achieved remarkable feats, not all follow identical paths. Some may discover success and leadership in alternative realms or industries, yet the principles and values instilled during their Eagle Scout journey continue to exert a positive influence on their lives.

Tyler Geddes

Tyler Geddes began his Scouting experience with Parsippany Cub Scout Pack 5 under the leadership of Mr. Ed Sheiffle. He was enthusiastic to join based on his brothers Alex and Ethan’s experience in Cub Scouts and his participation in their Pack meetings. Tyler completed all his achievements in Cub Scouts and earned the highest achievement in Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light. During the Pack 5 Blue and Gold dinner in March 2017, he crossed over into Scout Troop 173.

Throughout Tyler’s time in Boy Scouts, he earned all the requirements to achieve all six Boy Scouts of America (BSA) ranks, including the highest rank of Eagle Scout. While progressing through the ranks, he took on the roles of instructor, patrol leader in Troop 173, and den chief in Pack 5. As a den chief, Tyler assisted Wolf Scouts as they ranked up into Bear Scouts over two years.  As an instructor for Troop 173, Tyler taught and demonstrated new skills for incoming Boy Scouts. He valued the time in the patrol leader position as the most informative as he improved his leadership skills in guiding his patrol. His most important responsibility was to guide, lead, and ensure his patrol was prepared for each meeting and camping trip. Tyler is grateful to his Scoutmasters, Mr. Les Wu, Mr. Michael Catapano, Mr. David Franz, and Mr. Paul Lomelo, for the skills he learned along the way.

Eashan Iyer and Tyler Geddes with Mayor James Barberio

One of Tyler’s favorite memories in Troop 173 was during summer camp at Winnebago Scout Camp. While there, he enjoyed the fun aquatic activities and completed numerous merit badges. He also organized and participated in skits each night around the fire for his Communication merit badge. During the winter, Tyler enjoyed the Klondike camping trips where, as part of the senior sled team, they won 1st place.

Tyler achieved the rank of Eagle in October of 2023. Furthermore, Tyler earned 26 merit badges and the National Outdoor Award for Camping and completed 182 service hours assisting the troop and the community.

Tyler’s proudest accomplishment in Scouting was his Eagle project, where he assisted the Morris County Park Commission by building and installing four park benches at Tourne County Park in Denville. After getting his proposal approved, Tyler raised $600 for the materials he would need and led volunteers, including fellow Scouts, in constructing and installing the benches at four separate locations within the park. The new benches create a more comfortable park for visitors who come to bike, picnic, hike, etc. Bruce Benson, Tyler’s Eagle coach, was vital throughout the project as he shared his knowledge and understanding.

Tyler attends Morris Catholic High School in Denville and is on the varsity team in both winter and spring track. He participates in numerous honor societies, including the English Honor Society, the History Honor Society, and the National Honor Society. Tyler plans to
attend Rowan University in the Fall of 2024 to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Former Council President Michael dePierro

Tyler earned 26 merit badges: Archery, Environmental Science, Art, Family Life,* Basketry, Fingerprinting, Camping,* First Aid, Canoeing, Communication, Forestry, Citizenship in the Community, Kayaking, Citizenship in the Nation, Metalwork, Citizenship in Society, Music, Citizenship in the World, Personal Fitness, Communication, Cooking,* Collections, Personal Management, Communication, Space Exploration, Swimming,* Emergency Preparedness,* and Wood Carving. (*Denotes Eagle Required)

Eashan Iyer

Eashan began his Scouting career as a Tiger Cub in Pack 142. As a budding scientist, he loved engineering his Pinewood Derby car to perfection. He earned his Arrow of Light and joined Troop 173 in March 2017.

As Eashan advanced in Scouting, he took on leadership roles through being an instructor and a patrol leader. Eashan is grateful for the help of past Scoutmasters Mr. Wu, Mr. Catapano, Mr. Franz, and present Scoutmaster Mr. Lomelo.

Eashan fondly remembers his time in Scouting. His favorites are playing sharks and minnows and basketball at meetings. He also has fond memories of playing manhunt at campouts. During a campout, he built a circuit that powered an LED and recalls this as an inspiring experience. Eashan also enjoyed the many annual Turkey in a Can Campouts.

As a member of Troop 173, Eashan contributed to his community by collecting food donations at St. Christopher’s Church and participating in the annual Scouting for Food drive. He has a total of 225 service hours. He has also earned the National Outdoor Award for Camping and has camped for a total of 25 nights, including at Camp Winnebago.

Growing up near the unique neighborhood of Mount Tabor, Eashan was within a few miles of streets lined with ornate Victorian homes, octagonal structures, and gathering spaces with stories to tell at every corner. He saw the opportunity to bridge the gap between modern technology and the neighborhood’s historical treasures and approached the Mount Tabor Historical Society with his idea. He put together a diverse team with volunteers from Mount Tabor, his high school, his Scout troop, and others to create webpages and install
physical signs. Eashan wholeheartedly thanks Mr. Matthew Enslow for his assistance in sign production, Mr. Bruce Benson for his valuable mentorship as an Eagle project coach, and Mrs. Michelle Munn for her support on behalf of the Mount Tabor Historical Society, and
donors for their valuable monetary support. His perseverance paid off as the self-guided tour was unveiled to the community in a decidedly old-school ribbon-cutting ceremony—a gathering of the community and elected officials. It was a moment of pride for the entire neighborhood.

Eashan is currently a senior at the Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering. At school, he is a member of the golf team and co-president of the physics club. Outside of school, he is involved in scientific research and has co-authored a paper with Dr. Christian
Ferko in theoretical high-energy physics titled “Quantization of the ModMax Oscillator.” He also is an intern with Pfizer’s smart factory team under Digital Manufacturing and Global Services, developing and testing virtual reality simulations that will be used to cost-effectively train shop floor workers. Eashan loves to ski with his family and the school ski club. Eashan is passionate about origami; he is doing an independent study in the mathematics of origami in school. He delivered a lecture about golden venture folding at MIT in November 2023. He will be attending Brown University in the fall of 2024 to pursue undergraduate studies in physics.

You can learn more about Eashan through his website by clicking here.

Eashan Iyer with Mount Tabor Historical Society President Michelle LaConto Munn outside the gated entrance of the historic Mount Tabor Neighborhood in Parsippany. Eashan is holding one of the signs placed throughout Mount Tabor.

Eashan earned 22 merit badges: American Cultures, Environmental Science,* Art Family Life,* Camping,* Fingerprinting, Chess, First Aid,* Citizenship in the Community,* Game Design, Citizenship in the Nation,* Hiking,* Citizenship in the World,* Music, Citizenship in Society,* Personal Fitness,* Communication,* Personal Management,* Cooking,* Programming, Emergency Preparedness,* and Scholarship. (*Denotes Eagle Required.)

Reprinted from Parsippany Focus Magazine – May 2024. Click here to read the magazine.

Frank L. Cahill
Frank L. Cahill
Publisher of Parsippany Focus since 1989 and Morris Focus since 2019, both covering a wide range of events. Mr. Cahill serves as the Executive Board Member of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce, President of Kiwanis Club of Tri-Town and Chairman of Parsippany-Troy Hills Economic Development Advisory Board.
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