Letter to the Editor: The Knoll Country Club is a Disaster

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Dear Editor:

At the Tuesday, August 3, Parsippany-Troy Hills Council meeting, I asked the Mayor, Township Council, and Business Administrator the following questions. I am still waiting for answers.

  1. What is going on with the catering at the Knoll Country Club? Residents complained there is no food service or alcohol service available?
  2. What happened to the previous caterer?
  3. I noticed the Township went out for bids for catering, now two times. Did anyone bid?
  4. Why wasn’t any of the bids accepted? Were there any violations of the public bidding law?
  5. I am told there was a function last Monday at the Knoll Country Club.  There was food being served by The Mansion from Mountain Lakes.  They were utilizing the kitchen. Did the Board of Health issue them a temporary license?
  6. There was also alcohol being served. Did people bring their own alcohol? If they did I thought Alcohol isn’t permitted on municipal property? Who is in charge of controlling this?
  7. Members bring alcohol when playing golf. Again, is alcohol permitted on municipal property. Who is in charge of controlling this?

    Dr. Louis Valori