Parsippany Republican Party Nominees Would Drag Us Backward

Local Republicans nominate candidates that would bring back wasteful, irresponsible Inglesino-style politics

Mayor Michael Soriano

PARSIPPANY — The Parsippany Republican Party nominated three candidates dedicated to bringing Parsippany backwards. Former Mayor Barberio, Frank Neglia, and Justin Musella are committed to returning our town to the irresponsible Inglesino-style politics of the past.

As Mayor of Parsippany, the most populous town in Morris County, Mayor Soriano has set the tone for good governance across the county. Along with Council running mates Cori Herbig and Judy Hernandez, this Democratic ticket brings the collective experience and expertise Parsippany residents are looking for. Soriano, Herbig, and Hernandez are leading a campaign that voters will be proud to support in November.

From stewarding our community through the COVID-19 pandemic to protecting Parsippany’s open space, Mayor Soriano, Herbig, and Hernandez are committed to keeping Parsippany moving forward for the next four years and planning for the next forty.

“Under the Barberio-Inglesino administration, fiscal mismanagement, overdevelopment, and gross incompetence were the hallmarks of the Parsippany government,” said campaign manager Elise McGovern. “Along with Frank Neglia and nine-month resident Justin Musella, electing the Barberio ticket would set Parsippany back years on the critical issues facing our community. Mayor Soriano, Cori Herbig, and Judy Hernandez look forward to engaging with all Parsippany residents on the important issues we collectively face and ensuring Parsippany is a welcoming community that works for everyone.”