Letter to the Editor: Soriano Does Not Put Parsippany First

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I read Nick Homyak’s Letter to the Editor of March 2, 2021, and said to myself he is a fighter for the environment which is a very just cause, but Mr. Homyak must be naïve to what is going on in Parsippany for the last three years and two months.

Soriano and his administration without any conscience to the Parsippany residents and business owners have completely genuflected to the Democratic party and for their own self-interests.

Starting in January 2017, with the hire of Jonathan Nelson, the hiring chief of staff Matt Clarkin, by the way, the first appointment left suddenly for greener pastures with NJ Transit. The latter we don’t know why he left in an election year! By the way, Soriano publicly stated at a council meeting that Matt was so much better than Michele Sylvin, a right-hand employee to THREE Mayors both democratic and republican.

Another hire, Keith Kazmark, Business Administrator, what a sad joke.

Soriano only won because the former mayor reappointed the township attorney.

A very well-informed resident made a comment in Parsippany Focus to Mr. Homyak’s letter. Please read the comment. Mr. Kumburis is right. I do believe Councilpersons Petersen and McCarthy have the best interests in the town, not the democratic party. That’s why both are not running for reelection, Soriano does not put Parsippany First. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall what goes on behind closed doors? I commend the job Petersen and McCarthy have done for these three years.

Mr. Kumburis, the residents should take notice of your many observant comments to letters written to Parsippany Focus. You would be a good candidate.

Mr. Homyak, you are a good person, you and I put the environment first, we volunteered together on clean-ups, please Nick see what has been going on within this current administration.

Roy Messmer
Former Parsippany Resident