Letter to the Editor: Your Right to Vote in LPPOA Elections is in Jeopardy

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

If you paid basic maintenance member fees according to N.J. S.A. 45:22A.1 you are a member in good standing of the Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association and have the right to vote. There should be no discrimination in whether you pay full member fees which entitles a property owner full recreation rights or you pay basic member fees for the basic lake upkeep with limited recreation use. Both basic and full member fees under the court ruling of October 2019 states all easement owners were required to pay maintenance fees.

The LPPOA board of trustee built into the invoice member fee a basic member fee which demands that you give up your right to vote or hold office. In order, to pay you had no choice but to lose your right to vote and hold office.

The LPPOA would not accept a basic payment from any homeowner, who felt that the New Jersey Statutes reinforced the fact they had the right to vote since they paid the required maintenance fees. The LPPOA refused any payment with a note or a notation on the check which stated the property owner wished to comply with the requirement to pay the maintenance fee and have limited recreation access to the lake but would not under New Jersey state statutes give up the right to vote.

Now, these BASIC MEMBERS in good standing are BEING DENIED THE RIGHT TO VOTE IN THE LPPOA SEPTEMBER 13, 2020 election.

Denying the right to vote under the guise “that the waiver of rights is the choice of the individual property owner, not determined by LPPOA” is an insult to all who believe that this country is based on the principle of democracy and equality. The election poll tax of the 20century was judged as unconstitutional in the United States and in all-state. All owners of property in Lake Parsippany, as defined as members in chapter V, are members in the LPPOA. There is no mention of full or basic members. The social economy factor should not be used to determine voting rights. One who cannot afford the added cost to become a full recreational member. Should not have to give up the right to vote to assure them by New Jersey Statutes. This policy discriminates between the “those who have and those who have not”. It must be corrected now.

  • Support equality -voting right for all property owner members
  • Vote for REFORM, Work together, Live together for a better lake.

Mary Purzycki