An Open Letter From Dr. Barbara Sargent

Dr. Barbara Sargent

July 31, 2020

Dear Families,

I had the pleasure of watching our high school athletes participate in outdoor socially distanced conditioning drills this week. Our coaches and teacher helpers have organized safety measures to keep students safe and following health guidelines. With all the uncertainty as states make decisions about returning to live instruction or remote learning, it was a hopeful sign to see our students on their home sports fields working out and enjoying time with their friends and coaches.

The current version of our Return to School Plan was presented at Wednesday evening’s Board of Education meeting and is available on our district website for review. There were several questions after the presentation related to students’ in-person and online instructional experiences. These included:

    • How often will live-streamed instruction occur for students during their week away from school?
    • How will science labs be replicated?
    • What should students expect on Virtual Fridays?
    • What will Band and Chorus instruction look like?
    • Which teachers will handle the remote instruction? Will it be the classroom teacher?
        A committee of administrators and teachers is working to address all aspects of in-person and online instruction.

I understand that decisions in this area may determine whether you choose for your child to attend school or be fully remote. We may not be able to provide this for you within the time frame you desire. Nonetheless, it is important that parents log into their child’s Genesis account to answer questions for September regarding attendance in school and bus transportation. The deadline is Monday, August 3 and you may change your mind at any time.

As we move into August, things will begin to happen quickly. I will continue to utilize these Friday letters to keep you updated and communicate decisions about the school year, the academic experience, and more.

Best wishes for a great weekend!
Barbara Sargent, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools