Yuliano Landscaping Cleans Up Brooklawn Middle School in time for Class of 2020


PARSIPPANY — “Parsippany Supporting Our Town” is ever so present in Parsippany.

Last week, Andy Sadowski said “while I did not think any landscaper would be able to pull off such a last-minute request, Yuliano Landscaping went above and beyond to help out the Brooklawn Middle School Graduating Class of 2020. When I placed the call, I had no idea that the owner of the landscaping was once a Brooklawn Knight back in 2004 and roamed the halls our kids now roam.”

Faced with so many missed opportunities, such as not having the formal dance, the trip to Dorney Park, and formal in-person graduation, tomorrow is the big day when they will pick up their diplomas. Being this may be the last time they return to Brooklawn Middle School, the sign out front was neglected in the past several months being that schools were closed. Faced with a deadline of 9:00 a.m. Friday, June 12 (with less than 14 hours until the deadline) Louis Yuliano was assured the job would get done.

Before. Dead plants in front of the Brooklawn Middle School sign

Sadowski said “As a parent of an eighth-grader, I am so thankful when I got the picture that the job was complete within hours of calling to see if this was even feasible. Without a doubt, this is a case of a small business in Parsippany, supporting the community that he calls home.”

After Yuliano Landscaping finished maintenance and decorations were in place

A big thanks to Louis at Yuliano Landscaping for going above and beyond so that the Brooklawn Middle School graduating class of 2020 are not posing in front of dead plants.

Yuliano Landscaping can be reached by calling (973) 944-8862.