Letter to the Editor: Another Insane Tax Increase (Is Soriano Mad)?

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Another year, another insane proposed tax increase.  For the third year in a row, Soriano is proposing a tax increase of above 4%, this year clocking in at around 6.18% if the posted budget is accurate.

Has he been blinded by his taxpayer-subsidized power trip to the point where he forgets just how expensive it is to own property in Parsippany these days? Not only this, but a quick look at the proposed budget shows that they are not even including downward projections for things like the hotel tax, which is sure to be decimated by COVID-19.

As an accountant by trade, I find this in-comprehensively irresponsible.  I would not even be surprised to find that in November or December a letter in my mailbox indicating a tax levy is to be assessed because of revenue problems.

Also, I distinctly remember a promise being made during his campaign to reduce or eliminate money being used from our utilities to balance the budget.  Whatever happened with this?  Mr. Soriano, we insist as citizens that you cut this behavior out, cut the budget, and return some common sense to local government as you promised.

Rishi Patel
Powder Mill