A Message for Pet Owners


During this uncertain and rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraging all pet owners to have an emergency plan in place for their pets. This is critical if you become ill or require hospitalization. It is important to have someone you trust to take care of your pets to avoid them being taken to the animal shelter.

Your pet will be most comfortable in their own home or with someone they know. This will ensure the personalized care of your pet during a stressful time. Identify and contact ahead of time, a trusted family member, friend or pet sitter who can care for your pet if you become ill or are hospitalized.

Make sure pets are wearing proper identification (collar with ID tag and/or registered microchip).

Have extra food, supplies, and medication on hand. It would be beneficial to have written instructions on your pets feeding schedule, amount of food per serving, and veterinarian information.

Keep all animal vaccines up to date in the event boarding becomes necessary.

We hope everyone is staying healthy. Be well and hug your pets!