Friends’ Prom Dress Sale Gives Back Twice


PARSIPPANY — If you’ve visited the Parsippany Main Library, 449 Halsey Road, in February, you might have seen prom dresses in the lobby or even grabbed one for a steal at the sale.  There’s a great story behind the bargains, however, that the Friends want to share with the community.

This year’s prom dress sale raised over $2000 for the library’s teen programming and collections, which is especially critical in this time of mandated funding not being able to cover all of the needs voiced by the community.  In order for the library to continue offering quality free programs and the latest materials, fundraising like this is essential.

In addition to local young women receiving dresses at a fraction of their retail cost, the Friends were able to connect with the Paterson Neighborhood Assistance Office.  All remaining dresses were donated and were being given away at no cost to young women in the area who would not otherwise be able to afford a dress for their prom.

Since 1984, The Friends of the Parsippany Library have been committed to improving our libraries by raising funds that may be used in various ways, such as to sponsor events and programs; supplement children’s programs; and purchase books, computers, software and audio visual materials.

Funds come from book sales, revenue from “The Book Nook” (the Friends’ used book store) and various fundraisers.  The remainder of the budget is made up of annual dues paid by the membership (whether individual or corporate), donations, and grants.

To learn more about how you can contribute to the growth of Parsippany’s libraries, visit the Friends of the Parsippany Library website by clicking here.