Easter Egg Hunt at St. Andrew Lutheran Church

2 1/2 year old Tommy Chaffee had his basket full with Easter eggs

PARSIPPANY — Over 1,800 Easter eggs were hidden on the property of St. Andrew Lutheran Church. Children of all ages had fun finding the eggs.  Eggs were filled with surprises for children of all ages

The children line up for the Easter Egg hunt at St. Andrews Lutheran Church
Ildiko and Robert Peluso with their son Robert

The very successful event was coordinated by Tina and Mark Levorse, and donations for the eggs came from all the parishioners.  

Saint Andrew Evangelical Lutheran Church is an inter-generational and inclusive congregation which is mission-driven, Christ-minded and open to new  ideas.  They are a fun mix of ages, characters, individuals, families, orientations, vocations, abilities and callings.

Saint Andrew is a joyful place with a heart for mission to people in need … locally, nationally and globally. Saint Andrew is a welcoming place where being there is more important than what you wear; and where you’re going is more important than where you’ve been.

St. Andrew Lutheran Church is located at 335 Reynolds Avenue. For more information, click here

Robert Peluso
Two year old Emily Medina was searching for Easter eggsi
The easter eggs were everywhere!
2 1/2 year old Dia Tailor was searching for Easter Eggs