Edris Khawaja wins two trophies in NoGi BJJ competition

Ibrahim Yoldas, Edris Khawaja and Yusuf Yoldas

PARSIPPANY — Edris Khawaja, a 2009 graduate of Parsippany High School, competed in the NoGi BJJ competition held on Saturday, March 24 hosted by United Grapplers Association and won gold in both the beginners and intermediate division.

“Ever since 1United Mixed Martial Arts House opened in November, I’ve been engaged in physical conditioning day in and day out seven days a week. Not only do I train MMA at night, I’m very dedicated to the gym as well. I have a lot of people asking me “Why am I constantly training or what I’m training for.” The answer is simple, to be the best I can be in all aspects of life,” said Edris.

Ryan Bernard, Ibrahim Yoldas, Edris Khawaja, Yusuf Yoldas and Ilhan Coklar

Edris said he had no idea he was going to compete until his sensei, Yusuf Yoldas, said he was ready.

“I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu No Gi tournament. My nerves kicked in but I knew I was well trained and prepared. I have previously engaged in MMA with two years of experience in 2011. I grew up with Sensei Yusuf and Ibrahim Yoldas so I knew I could trust them with whatever they tell me. After I had won my beginners bracket, sensei Yusuf advanced me into the intermediate division without advising me. He said “just do the best you can.” Everybody that knows me, knows that I’m very competitive. I mean, who isn’t nowadays? I was about to go against students that have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for two to three years. Going in, I knew this was going to be a learning experience and wasn’t expecting to win. I ended up winning first place in both divisions and brought home double gold medals to be put in 1UMMAH. I was very ecstatic and happy. My family is very proud of me,” he said.

Edris Khawaja

After Edris won both divisions, he quickly went back to training knowing he has another upcoming competition at the NAGA Championships on April 28 at Mennen Arena.

Edris said “Thank you to both of my Senseis for pushing me everyday to be the best I can be. If anybody is looking for a fun, friendly and family environment place to train, you know where to go! 1United MMA House located in Lake Hiawatha is the place to be. Don’t be intimidated, not every individual is looking to compete. Many people go there to get fit and for self improvement.”

1 United Mixed Martial Arts House aims to create a positive atmosphere for their clients by upholding the highest levels of integrity and character. They are here to help their clients reach their goals whether physical or mental. 1 United Mixed Martial Arts strives to help every individual reach their highest potential and develop and grow as individuals. They are ready to aid individuals from three years old to adults in preparation for future success.

Their goal is to instill self-confidence, respect, honesty, discipline, and commitment in all of their clients whether they be children, teenagers or adults. By combining toughness of the mind and body through character development and physical stamina, the clients are able to excel in every aspect of their lives, making them happier and healthier people. 1 United Mixed Martial Arts House is Yusuf and Ibrahim’s way of giving back to the community and enjoining all of its members into a strong and fit family.

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