Letters to the editor: Barberio’s back room deals

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parsippany focusDear Editor, 

Jamie Barberio’s election funding report shows that in 2017 Jamie Barberio accepted a whopping $104,000 from Parsippany Developers and Building Trades.  Not only that, throughout his eight years in office he received nearly $800,000 from these same donors.

In a Parsippany Focus story it was revealed that the taxpayers of Parsippany paid $3.5 million for a total of 10.63 acres of land, while the developer RD Realty, retained the remainder of the property or 16.01 acres for $4.0 million. So Parsippany paid approximately $320,910 per acre for the buffer zone, while RD Realty paid $250,000 per acre for the prime portion of the property, facing Route 46 and Waterview Boulevard. (Editors Note: Click here for complete story)

It doesn’t take eight years of government experience to know that this is bad math.  It looks like developers support Barberio so he can stay in office and he “helps” them acquire property far below its value – at the taxpayers expense. 

In addition to the Waterview development, projects like Forge Pond, Smith Glaxo Kline and 700 Mountain Way, have moved forward under the Barberio administration, making it obvious that the mayor never met a development deal he didn’t like all while claiming to be pro Open Space. 

Once again Barberio is talking out of both sides of his mouth telling anyone and everyone what they want to hear in public, all the while giving away Parsippany piece by piece in “off the record” back room deals!

If you want to keep to stop your tax dollars from disappearing down the development donation hole and if you want to keep Parsippany from becoming a concrete jungle, it’s time to end Barberio’s development dynasty.

Pat Simon

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