Letter to the editor: Parsippany Needs Michael Soriano

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parsippany focusDear Editor:

We’ve been residents of the Township for over 22 years and we’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michael for at least 10 of those years.  Our relationship started when my wife volunteered to serve on the Township Democratic Committee. At the time, I was a staunch Independent.  Michael goaded me into running for a Council Seat.  I did not win but I learned a tremendous amount about the political process.

First, let’s talk about Michael Soriano the person. He’s a person of character which to me, is of utmost importance these days. Michael is a true gentleman; well spoken, polite but assertive when the situation demands it. Most important, he is a man of Integrity and empathy. He’s been involved in town politics for a number of years and I can think of no one better to lead us.

Now, I’m not one for maligning any group of people.  When Mayor Barbario was elected, I believe he had a good first term.  However, after eight years in office, Parsippany has both old and new issues that need to be addressed.  Those issues range from representation to overdevelopment, trash and transportation infrastructure.

On the representation side, those of us who live in the “Morris Plains” section of the township do not really have a voice in town government.  This section of town is much different than Lake Hiawatha.  We would like to keep our semi-rural environment but increasing development and unbridled traffic are encroaching.  Regarding transportation, I’ve written to Mayor Barberio as well as Council Members with ideas about parking and jitney service to the Morris Plains Train Station. Those letters have never been acknowledged.  My wife contacted the Mayor and Council regarding the speeding and trash issues on Union Hill Road.  Those letters went unanswered. Finally, the issue of traffic, noise and light pollution attributable to the new Central Park, located in the Township must be addressed.  Denville and Morris Plains need to be included.  I don’t see that happening from what I read about in town council meetings.

So my friends, it is time for a change.  While all of these problems may not be solved, at least we will have someone who will listen and work with us.  Michael Soriano has my vote, I hope he has yours.

Glenn R. Dinetz
Parsippany resident


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