Letter to the editor: The Valori, Hirniak and King team is the one to choose


MailboxsmallDear Editor:

I’ve again done a level of due diligence on the coming election, and I focus on the freeholder race in this email.

The Bottom Line: The Valori, Hirniak and King team is the one to choose.

Rationale: There are several incidents and issues that argue strongly against the Cabana, Mastrangelo and DeFillippo team, and they are serious enough that I cannot, in good conscious recommend voting for them in any case 

 1. Assault Charges: The article below indicates that Mr. Thomas Mastrangelo is presently under investigation for assaulting and threatening a citizen during the Montville Republican Club’s Morris County Freeholder Candidate Debate.  The article goes on to say that Mr. Eric Rebels has filed a criminal complaint.

Mr. Rebels described Mr. Mastrangelo’s behavior as that of a bully’s.  Mr. Rebels also said that he planned to ask the Morris County freeholder Board to review Mr. Mastrangelo’s past and current altercations and to request that he undergo a psychological competency review.

The article is careful to point out that these are allegations, which must be proven in a court of law.  While this is true, my research has revealed that this is not the first time that Mr. Mastrangelo has been so accused. Assault Charges Filed Against Thomas Mastrangelo  Click here to read complete article.

 2. Childish Sign Tampering: The Mastrangelo team has been caught tampering with Team Valori, Hirniak and King campaign signs.  The next article indicates that Valori and King literally retrieved their stolen signs from the Team Mastrangelo headquarters.

This is appalling behavior.  I cannot tolerate the thought of such petty, dishonest behavior in any politician that I hire.  The article below contains much more information. Team Mastrangelo Continues to Tamper with Campaign Signs
Click here to read full article.

3. Lies, Lies, Lies: It looks like more dirty tricks from Team Mastrangelo and then, like any naughty child, lies to cover them up.  After reviewing the article, my reaction was, “Is this for real?  Is THIS the best that we can do? Team Mastrangelo Caught in a Lie. Click here to read full article.

4. Expunged Records: Here, Mastrangelo is said to have “filed criminal complaints” against the Valori, King and Hirniak team for allegedly releasing expunged records pertaining to Mastrangelo’s past.  I could not find any such records or any information that such records were actually released.  Moreover, I cannot see how it is even possible that the Valori, King and Hirniak team could have gotten its hands on such records.

In filing a criminal complaint with respect to this issue, Mastrangelo effective confirms that such records exist.  While the article contains no more information on the supposed records, one wonders what it was in Mastrangelo’s past that had to be expunged.

That he didn’t want them released can only lead to the conclusion that they would have hurt his campaign, reputation or both.  Without details, we can draw no reliable conclusions, except that this is just one more potential negative in a chain of suspicion. Character Matters, Stop Protecting The Status Quo. Click here to read full article.

In the interest of fairness, I’ve searched for negative information on the team of Valori, King and Hirniak.  I was surprised to find that I could locate none.  My decision is therefore made.  I’m voting for Valori, King and Hirniak.

1. I hereby assert that I have received no remuneration for this email.  Nor have I written this email at anyone’s request or direction.  I am a private citizen and am following my conscience.

Jack Puglis