Essex County Democratic Committeeman heads PAC supporting DePierro ticket

Online Recruiting Ads also indicate PAC is paying field workers in Parsippany

PARSIPPANY — Internal Revenue Service filings for the liberal Democrat Super PAC called New Jersey’s Future Fund link the Washington, DC-based organization to an Essex County Democratic Party Committeeman named Robert Dombrowski, said the Conservative Republican Team of Council President Paul Carifi, Jr, businesswoman Aida Visakay and community leader John Beehler today. (Click here to see IRS Filing)

Zip Recuriter ad for America’s Future First

In addition, want ads via the online hiring service reveal that the Democrat Super PAC is actively hiring and paying field workers to aid the campaign of Republican Councilman Mike dePierro and running mates Vincent Ferrara and Loretta Gragnani.

The Carifi Team also said they had received an email from Morris County Republican Chairman John Sette saying he was “shocked and against” this outside interference in Parsippany’s GOP Primary and would gladly share his opinion with the media if asked.

The Carifi Team said the new revelations raise more questions about who is funding the PAC and what their motivation is to meddle in a Parsippany Council race.  Moreover, the Carifi Team said the fact that the Super PAC used a high-resolution image of dePierro and his team on their mailing – an image not publicly available anywhere – proves that dePierro or someone connected to him is working directly with the PAC in violation of campaign finance laws.

“Something is certainly rotten here in Parsippany,” said Carifi, Jr., echoing the headline recently in New Jersey’s leading conservative blog, Save Jersey. “I am now convinced this is all about lucrative public contracts controlled by people connected to and supported by Mike dePierro.  They are the ones funding this PAC to attack me and my team, so they can keep their grip on millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded legal and insurance contracts in Parsippany. They know that if my team sweeps this election, their gravy train will be permanently derailed.”

Visakay and Beehler said Essex County Democratic Committeeman Robert Dombrowski, listed as the PAC’s Director, needs to be asked how he got involved in this PAC and who put him up to it. They said they have their own suspicions and were closing in on confirming them.

“The Washington, DC-based Treasurer of the PAC is in hiding after we questioned her involvement, so now it’s time to turn attention to Mr. Dombrowski,” said Visakay. “How did he come to be involved in this PAC?  What is his interest in Parsippany? Who is funding this PAC and what is their connection to Parsippany? These are questions that must be answered. As PAC Director, Mr. Dombrowski has the ability to disclosure his funding sources and he should do that immediately,” said Visakay and Beehler.’s coverage indicated that “sources” believe political appointees with legal and insurance contracts in Parsippany may be behind the PAC.

“If these ‘sources’ are accurate – that’s a major problem.  Mike dePierro needs to join our public call for this PAC to disclose its donors.  They are benefitting his campaign after all,” added Beehler.  “There are certainly people with a lot to lose if we win.  Someone out there knows the whole truth here and the more we raise these alerts and turn up the pressure, we’re confident the truth will come out soon and uncover why this Democrat PAC is involved in our town’s Republican Primary.”

Parsippany Focus reached Morris County GOP Chairman John Sette for comment on Friday afternoon, and he stated “In respect of the long standing policies of Morris County Republican Chairman, I will not become involved in a local Primary election. For too many years certain Parsippany Republicans have supported Democrats in General Elections. It is my hope that Parsippany Republicans will unite after the Primary so that we can maintain Republican control of the council. I am always available to assist Parsippany Republicans in that regard.”

Councilman Michael dePierro, Council Candidates Loretta Gragnani and Vincent Ferrara did not respond to requests for comment.