Letter to the Editor: Should Constituents Exercise their First Amendments Rights?

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I just watched the video of the Township Council Meeting held on December 6 and found some of Mayor Barberio’s comments alarming. Why? Because Mr. Barberio said that he, as Mayor, and at least four of his Council colleagues should not have their decisions or votes questioned or challenged by the very people who elected him and them.
Based on his comments, Mayor Barberio’s apparent take on how democracy in America works is that once he is elected as Mayor, he and Council members (who agree with him) are to be viewed by their constituents as infallible. Furthermore, those constituents should not exercise their First Amendments rights, particularly when voicing a dissenting opinion about the sweetheart PLA quid pro quo deal the Mayor made to benefit his campaign coffers.
Mr. Mayor, perhaps you should spend some time at the Lake Hiawatha Library to learn about our American democracy and how it works. And while you are there, why not take a walk around the library to learn how much it needs to be repaired and refurbished?
Bob Crawford