Par-Troy Police Charge Peeping Tom a Month After Crime

Mr. Carlos Anchaluisa

PARSIPPANY — You would think it was Halloween. Well, it wasn’t yet, but on Wednesday, October 12, Mr. Carlos A. Anchaluisa, 26, Elizabeth, left work from a Nissan dealership on Route 23.  He was on his way home, at approximately 9:22 p.m., when he decided to travel to Parsippany, and furthermore to Lake Parsippany, then onto Halsey Road. Parking his car on Summit Road he walked to two homes on Halsey Road. He was standing within arms reach of an open window and was looking inside while female residents were only partially clothed.

Not an actual photo from the scene. Parsippany Focus is waiting for actual footage from Parsippany Police Department

The female caller/victim stated that the male was “close” to her window at which point she screamed at him and he fled. Officers then located a 2021 Volkswagen Jetta in the area and initiated a motor vehicle stop. Upon making contact with the driver, identified as Carlos Anchaluisa officers observed that he was wearing a ghillie suit.

When Parsippany Police questioned why he was wearing a ghillie suit, Mr. Anchaluisa stated he was in the area “pulling pranks.” He continued to state he knocks on doors or rings the front doorbell, then films the homeowner’s reactions while he hides. He stated he normally has friends with him during these pranks, but they were a “no show” this evening.

Mr. Anchaluisa stated the camouflage clothing was from his prior military service in the US Marines and that he did not have any intentions of conducting any criminal activity.

The police report states “It was confirmed that Mr. Anchaluisa did not commit any crimes or attempt to make entry into the home, although the homeowner observed Mr. Anchaluisa standing at the window, which startled them, and immediately called 911.”  When the dog started to bark, it is believed that it scared Mr. Anchaluisa to leave the homeowner’s property.

Mr. Anchaluisa also stated, he attempted to prank the neighbor’s home but did not receive any action or response.

After a brief investigation, he was released at the scene and the incident was turned over to the Investigative Division.

The female resident told police that she wanted to file charges against Mr. Anchaluisa. They were advised to follow up with Municipal Court so that they can sign complaints against the accused individual.

No charges were filed by Parsippany Police at that time.

Upon learning of the incident, Parsippany Focus, filed an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) on November 3 requesting “Any and all police reports, including supplemental reports for an incident at XXX Halsey Road, Parsippany, including on October 12, 2022” and copies of the Police issued body camera(s) to review.  According to OPRA guides, the Parsippany Police was to respond on Tuesday, November 15. We did receive partial information regarding the incident but did not receive the Police issued body camera(s) pending information from the Morris County Prosecutors’ office.

According to police records, Detective Anthony Morelli issued a Complaint/Summons on Monday, November 14 charging Mr. Anchaluisa with (2C:18-3c) committing the offense of peering, specifically by entering a private property wearing a camouflage suit and standing within arm’s reach of an open window and looking inside while female residents were only partially clothed.

On November 14, the suspect was arrested, processed at Parsippany Police Headquarters, and released pending their court date in accordance with the bail reform laws.

Parsippany Focus will update this story as information is released.

Editor’s Note: An arrest or signing a criminal complaint is merely an accusation.  Despite this accusation, the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until he or she has been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.