Letter to the Editor: Mayor Barberio: Retreat From Your Costly Union Labor Agreement Deal

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

At the last Council meeting, I came and spoke about how I feel that the Biden/Barberio Project Labor Agreement will be bad for the town and why the Council and Mayor should immediately reverse it. I was, unfortunately, a little scared to do this during the actual PLA vote due to the massive number of union supporters who were protesting at both meetings.

When the previous Mayor was in office, he did such a bad job that I dragged my friends to vote for Mayor Barberio. After the PLA was passed I immediately regretted helping him as it seemed like a payback for the UNIONS that funded his campaign.

Please repeal the Project Labor Agreement if you want to keep the faith of Republicans like me who helped get you elected!

Thank You.
Debbie Nemerovich