Message on Safety for Morris County Park Visitors

Morris County Sheriff James M. Gannon

MORRIS COUNTY — The Morris County Sheriff’s Office, specifically the Patrol Division wants to reassure all persons enjoying the Morris County recreational facilities that their enjoyment of the parks system and their safety are of paramount importance. The officers operate regular and routine patrols in and around all aspects of the 20,000+ acres of Morris County Park Commission properties and its 38 facilities. Safety and security technologies are at our disposal and are deployed strategically. We partner with all municipalities in providing a police presence and incident response as needed.

We also want to reassure the public that last week’s incident on the Traction Line Recreation Trail in Morristown is not a common occurrence in county recreational areas. The attack concluded with two arrests being made swiftly with exemplary solid police work.  Patrols have since been increased.

Should an emergent matter need immediate attention in a county park, please DIAL 9-1-1 and report your location, explain your emergency, and request a Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division unit to respond.  You may also contact the Sheriff’s Office dispatch by calling (973) 285-2900. Please report all suspicious activity in the county parks to the Morris County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division.  Always remember to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity no matter the significance. Remember, your safety is important to the Morris County Sheriff’s Office.

Learn more about the Sheriff’s Patrol Division and County Park regulations by clicking here.