“Steady Socks” is Seeking Donations: Socks or Monetary Donations

Simran Manhas has collected almost 1,000 pair of socks

PARSIPPANY — Simran Manhas, a Ninth Grade student at Parsippany High School, is collecting socks to distribute to homeless shelters, elderly homes, and veteran centers. . She has collected over 1,000 socks in just over nine days.

The Kayman’s Fondation by Simran Manhas Foundation is collecting socks. Socks are currently the most requested items of clothing for those in need and yet comprise the largest portion of the current apparel shortage.

Their goal, with the support of the public, is to collect and donate 5,000 pairs of socks.

There are collection boxes in Parsippany High School and Foodtown in Lake Hiawatha.

For additional information, please contact Kim Chhugani, Simran Manhas, at “Steady Socks” by calling (973) 979-2542 or email steadysocks@gmail.com.






There are collection boxes in parsippany high school and food town in lake hiawatha,nj


Simran is a 9th grade parsippany high school student. She has collected over 1000 socks in just over 9 days


We will be distributing to some centers from dec 20th onwards