Letter to the Editor: Parsippany’s Best Mayor

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I previously endorsed Mayor Michael Soriano for reelection earlier this summer after my retirement. In 19 days, Parsippany voters will have the opportunity to reelect Michael Soriano to a second term, and I’d again like to express my support and admiration for his continued leadership in the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills.
During my thirty years as a police officer in Parsippany, particularly three years as Chief of Police, Mayor Soriano exhibited the highest level of administrative leadership necessary for such a large and diverse community as Parsippany.

Immediately assessing from day one that the Police Department needed to be an Accredited agency with the NJ State Association of Chiefs of Police, a Community Policing function and involvement at the Police Athletic League (PAL), police bodycam deployment, and completion of the Emergency Services Communication System upgrade, Mayor Soriano quickly got to work.

During his first term, despite the pandemic shutdown, Mayor Soriano impressively and effectively ensured those critical functions were initiated and completed. To date, the Community Policing function has thrived in all facets of the Township. The Emergency Services Communication System upgrade is complete. And police bodycam deployment and Accreditation are nearing completion. From Day one, Mayor Soriano immediately addressed the need for these crucial programs. I was proud to help lead their development working hand-in-hand with the Mayor.

With a near city-size population; a correspondingly large government and Emergency Services function; and a network of interstate, state, county, and local thoroughfare roadways intersecting the entire township, the highest level of administrative and managerial attention is critically important.

Mayor Soriano’s clear vision continued commitment, constant engagement with all department heads and community leaders exemplifies the leadership and attention Parsippany needs.

For those residents who have a more intimate knowledge of how municipal government operates, and what is required for it to succeed, they know politics have less of an influence on success. Rather, sustainable success comes from a realistic vision and committed hard work through the difficult times, all of which Mayor Soriano has provided and will continue to deliver.

Ranked one of the best municipalities in NJ, Parsippany is not immune from the pandemic and fiscal difficulties still being experienced throughout our country. Despite these significant challenges, Mayor Soriano has and continues to effectively lead Parsippany while remaining focused and committed to the real issues.
Whether national, state or local government, a second term is where the vision, hard work and continued commitment come to fruition and ultimate success.

Parsippany deserves the best and Mayor Michael Soriano will continue to deliver that success.

Andrew Miller
PTHPD Chief of Police (Ret.)