“Paws for Peeps” Fundraiser to Support Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter

Prisha Khanna; Riya Jain; Jessica Garrison, Shelter Manager; Manya Sharma; and Anika Arora

PARSIPPANY — Manya Sharma, Anika Arora, Prisha Khanna, and Riya Jain are four Girl Scouts from Troop 95750 in Parsippany, who worked towards their silver award by supporting Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter.

Several animal shelters are in poor condition, and the pandemic made it even more difficult for them to run smoothly. They chose the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter to support because they knew they wanted to better their facilities.

All of the girls have all been big pet lovers and jumped at the chance to help them! When they went to visit the shelter, they found out that they were in need of receptionist chairs and a lot of cleaning supplies.

The girls made tie-dye shirts and gave them to everyone that donated
The girls made tie-dye shirts and gave them to everyone that donated

The girls decided to tackle this by calling our project “Paws for Peeps” and asking people for donations, and giving them handmade tie-dye shirts (that were made during the pandemic) in return.

This was a little thank-you to the donors and a way to spread awareness. By doing this, they were able to purchase receptionist chairs and more supplies for the shelter.

Items Donated:
Two receptionist chairs
Four Cat Litter Boxes with carbon filters
Dawn Soap
Paper towels

The girls would like to thanks their troop leaders Sara Chebishev, Kellie Andersen, Ann Marie Atwell for their guidance and help.