Letter to the Editor: Why is the article from Morris County Democratic Committee a press release?

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

With much disdain, I read the February 11, 2021 press release submitted within hours of Lou Valori announcing his candidacy for the Republican Nomination for Parsippany Mayor.

The press release from Morris County Democratic Committee (MCDC) titled “Valori Seeks to Fail Parsippany Residents Yet Again.”

First, question, Why is it a press release?

Second, Who wrote it?

Third, Did Mayor Soriano give his blessing to the release?

If the answer to the third question above is YES then-Mayor Soriano shame on you!

Let me remind the readers that about two years ago a disparaging letter from MCDC was written about Councilman Paul Carifi calling him a racist, I have known Paul for many years, he is not a racist.

I am not a supporter of Lou Valori.  Mayor Soriano’s record is of political patronage, inflated payroll, and fiscal irresponsibility.

MCDC should put up a candidate more trustworthy, financially responsible, and has the true interests of the Parsippany residents. MCDC should consider Councilwoman Janice McCarthy.

Roy Messmer
Former Parsippany resident