Letter to the Editor: I support Cori Menkin Herbig

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I’m happy that Cori Menkin Herbig is my neighbor, and I will be proud to see her become a member of our Township Council. One of my main memories of Cori is as the leader, just last year, of a town-wide effort to check in on and get help to seniors in Parsippany in the depths of the COVID-19 crisis. In a single week, Cori coordinated more than 1,250 phone calls that made sure our town’s homebound elders were okay and connected them with grocery delivery and medical help if they needed it. I was one of many volunteers and saw firsthand how Cori leads with organization, encouragement, and true belief in people’s goodness and what they can accomplish together.

Cori will be a Council member who leads by example, listens to all town residents, and lets them bring their talents to the task we all share of making Parsippany the best place to live in. She’s shown her skill and commitment to making this a life’s work, as a lawyer leading efforts to end the cruelty of puppy mills at the ASPCA, working to protect our kids from gun violence at Everytown for Gun Safety, helping struggling families keep their homes in her private practice, and now focusing on sustainability for a livable world as the US States Public Policy Director at Mars.

Cori understands the worlds of business and law and respects the everyday realities of all of us just working to improve our lives and build a safe and promising future for our kids. She’s a sincere believer that making a difference — as we did with the senior-aid COVD calls — is something that can only happen when we work together. Now it’s time for all of us Parsippany neighbors to work in one voice to see that she is elected to the Council this November so that even more good can be done.

Adam McGovern
Mt. Tabor