Tommy Wall Receives Plaque of Appreciation

Cindy Stavrou, PTSA President; Mrs. Michelle Galligan, Assistant Principal of Student Services and Grade 12; Mr. Chris Keegan, Assistant Principal for Student Activities and Grade 9, 10, and 11; Tommy Wall; Dr. Matt Thompson, Principal and Mr. Todd Ricker, Assistant Principal

PARSIPPANY — Cindy Stavrou, PTSA President, presented Tommy Wall, Wall Landscaping with a plaque showing the appreciation and thanks on behalf of Parsippany Hills High School Administration for the work on the beautification project recently completed at the school.

The PHHS PTSA with the help of principal Dr. Matt Thompson and administrators, PTSA decided to put its efforts outside with Phase 1 of the beautification project.

Through difficult times, they were able to meet with Tommy Wall of Wall Landscaping, a former student of PHHS, who found it in his heart to donate his services to the beautification project. Tom and Tyler of Cerbos Garden Center worked out all the details and planning. They came up with a plan including over 100 plantings, including yuccas, boxwoods, castle spine holly, various grasses, junipers, barberry, and over five yards of river bed stone. The mulch was donated from the board of education.

Cerbos matched the PTSA donation with donating extra plantings. The majority of the landscaping costs were made possible by Paul Miller Porsche of Parsippany and Wegmans of Hanover donations. An extrasolar lighting unit was also donated by the PTSA to help aluminate the front entrance sign on Rita Drive.

Paul Miller Porsche of Parsippany has been an ongoing supporter of Parsippany Hills High School. They have sponsored several teacher appreciation luncheons, contributed to the project graduation events, and this year they were our largest sponsor for the beautification project.

Wegmans also donated to the project to help absorb some of the cost of the landscaping planting.

Reprinted from Parsippany Focus Magazine, December 2020. Click here to read.