Grossi and Valori put County Election Workers at Risk


Editors Note: Although the press release from MCDC only makes mention of Lou Valori and Ann Grossi in the photo provided, it also shows Former Morris County Democratic Committee Endorsed Surrogate Candidate George Tannous.

PARSIPPANY — On the evening of Wednesday, October 14, Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi and Lou Valori, Republican candidate for Parsippany Mayor, attended a maskless kickoff event for the Trump campaign in Randolph. Pictured here are Grossi, Valori, and others disregarding the basic advice of public health officials, by refusing to wear masks or maintain six feet of social distancing.

Grossi and Valori, to the best of public knowledge, do not reside in the same household or have any other relationship of proximity that would render their contact safe, particularly not at a crowded campaign event.

This reckless display of irresponsibility is a slap in the face to the over 300,000 Morris County voters who are relying on the Clerk’s office and Board of Elections to remain healthy in order to keep the offices running through Election Day. The fact that this arrogance is being displayed by Morris County’s chief election official and a politician seeking to lead Morris County’s largest municipality should be disturbing to all Morris County residents.

Just yesterday, Grossi issued a statement proclaiming her employees overwhelmed by the volume of calls her office is receiving about the election. Instead of looking out for her employees, she has potentially put them at risk of contracting a deadly virus in the middle of the election they’re overseeing.

Grossi and Valori must take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by self-quarantining and being tested at the appropriate time. Anything less is a disservice to the residents and employees of Morris County, as well as the election process.

This press release was submitted by Morris County Democratic Committee (MCDC)