Parsippany High School Accepting Nominations for Hall of Fame

PHS Principal Dr. Denis L. Mulroony

PARSIPPANY — Parsippany High School is accepting nominations for its Hall of Fame.  The PHS Hall of Fame recognizes and honors PHS graduates and staff members who have distinguished themselves during their time at PHS and/or in their careers in their fields of work or service.

Recognition will be given but not limited to accomplishment in the fields of Music, School Services, Fine Arts, Medicine, Business, Journalism, Politics, Athletics, Education, Science, Armed Forces, Community Service. The person being nominated must have graduated from PHS at least ten years ago (2010 or earlier).

In the case of a staff member, the nominee must have been a member of the professional staff (including non-teacher coaches and activity advisors), who has retired or left the employ of Parsippany High School at least three years ago (prior to 2017).

The person being nominated does not have to be a college graduate. Posthumous nominations WILL BE accepted. As many as ten nominees may be inducted in any given year.

Nominees selected for induction into the PHS Hall of Fame will be honored at an annual ceremony (date to be determined).  Each inductee will receive an engraved memento and will be recognized on a perpetual plaque in the main hall of Parsippany High School. Nominations may be submitted by any Parsippany High School graduate or by a relative, friend, or co-worker of the person being nominated. The committee evaluates each nominee on three criteria:

  1. Recognized excellence in one’s field/profession.
  2. Service and dedication to PHS.
  3. Contributions to professional/civic organizations and/or publications, presentations, and recognition.

Nomination forms can be found on the PHS website by clicking here. Be sure to include all requested information.  Reasons for nomination and written description may be submitted on separate sheets of paper (not to exceed three sheets and must be stapled to the nomination form).

Please email to or mail to
Parsippany High School Hall of Fame
309 Baldwin Road
Parsippany, NJ  07054.
c/o Dr. Mulroony.

All forms are due by October 30, 2020