Letter to the Editor: Why I am voting for Aisha Mahmood for the BOE

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

With the pandemic, as with every crisis, come deep challenges and opportunities for transformation and the possibility to build back better. From the Parsippany BOE mission statement, a line that stands out for me is “The mission of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township School District, in partnership with families and the greater community, is to challenge and nurture all students academically and to develop confident learners who are compassionate, generous, appreciative, and invested in their diverse world.”

This BOE election we have an opportunity to improve on those challenges. A BOE candidate should have the qualities of objectivity, unbiased views that put forth the students in all decisions and the ability to look at the whole, the teachers, aides, administration, and school infrastructure, to provide them with the support and a positive, nurturing environment. Aisha Mahmood has these qualities.

Aisha Mahmood, a long time Parsippany resident attended Brooklawn Middle School and Parsippany Hills High School. She has a BS in Biology and worked in the Pharmaceutical, Financial, and Telecommunication industries and she is currently a Project Manager.

What does Aisha bring to the table? In an ever-changing world, Board members must able to, first and foremost, meet the technological changes and provide our students what they need to be prepared and successful in the world after high school. As a Board member, with her professionally diverse background, Aisha would help our school system have what it needs to prepare our students to meet our changing world, cutting edge technology.

I met Aisha several years ago during local volunteer and community events including interfaith gatherings to bring people together after shootings in both temples and mosques. Aisha has been a dedicated Sunday school teacher for 23 years. Aisha is also an organizing member for The Citizen Foundation USA – North Jersey Chapter that builds schools to educate kids in third world countries and has traveled to these locations as part of this volunteer work.

Aisha gives back, actively engaging in making the young people’s lives better. She has the technical and versatile background to bring forward ideas and a fresh voice to our district, for both the children and teachers of our community. For this General Election, I urge you to join me in casting a vote for Aisha Mahmood for the Board for Education.

Judy Hernandez
Glacier Hills