A Message from Mayor Michael Soriano Regarding Parsippany’s Water Quality


PARSIPPANY — “This week, you will be receiving a letter regarding water quality testing at our water utility. I want to be very clear and transparent about what this notification means and why it has been issued.

There are three important things to note. First, this is not and never was an emergency. Second, there is no indication of elevated levels of lead or copper in our water system. Finally, this notice concerns connection points between our water system and both the Jersey City Reservoir and Southeast Morris County water utility, not our directly managed Parsippany water wells.

Parsippany’s water utility is required to monitor pH levels of our water to comply with New Jersey’s Optimal Water Quality Parameters. The keyword here is optimal. During two sampling periods at the very end of 2019 and the very beginning of 2020, the pH of our samples dipped slightly below the optimal pH value.

These low readings were due to a misunderstanding of sampling methods between the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and our water utility. Once the sampling methods were corrected, our pH readings returned to optimal levels.

Low pH readings are one of many potential signs of lead or copper contamination, and regardless of the reasons, result in an automatic public notice. Subsequent testing has confirmed that there are no levels of lead or copper in Parsippany’s water even close to unsafe levels. The monitoring of water quality continues on a regular basis.

Water quality is an issue that we should all take very seriously. Unfortunately, bad practices in other communities around the country have given us justifiable worry about the water we drink and use every day. If you are skeptical about the quality of our water after reading the public notice, I understand your concern. I invite you to read our most recent water quality report and to follow these reports as they are posted. (Click here to view water quality report)

I am upset about the mistakes in testing methodology that resulted in low pH readings. Unfortunately, mistakes and misunderstandings happen, and I am relieved that our water continues to be safe. If you would like to learn more about Parsippany’s water, and the stringent requirements we are happy to meet every day, you can contact our water department at (973) 263-7099.”