Letter to editor: Bizarro Russian Probes, Impeachment and Rosneft & Exxon’s Strategic Cooperation

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I’m writing this op-ed as an ex-Democrat who as of this year is an Independent. I became a Democrat in 2009 when the Republicans were bashing President Obama on a daily basis and, at that time, I just couldn’t fathom being a part of a party that doesn’t do everything they can to help the President of the United States at all times under any circumstance. Fast forward to 2019 and it is déjà vu all over again but reversed, Democrats severely criticizing the President of the United States on the daily and nothing getting done to move the country forward because of it. It’s Russia this and Russia that but I’m still yet to find or hear about one American that says they were brainwashed by the Russians and because of it voted for Trump. The Russians spent $100,000 on Facebook political ads and Trump spent $44 million on micro-targeted Facebook ads. Besides, the rust belt where Trump won the election, inside the VFW’s, Legion Halls, Elks Clubs and Freemason Lodges, those people didn’t Facebook then and still really don’t today.

Trump won because of Trump and three other reasons. American’s being and still are fed up with politicians. Hillary Clinton and her awful pick for Vice President were terrible candidates. I still can’t remember the VP candidate’s name. And lastly, the Trump campaign’s genius pick for their campaign manager, Brad Parscale. American’s are tired of all the back and forth fighting on both sides of the aisle that has literally left our country’s infrastructure crumbling. They’re tired of hearing about how bad Greece, Spain and Italy’s economies are and about the aid we give them but when they look at their Instagram feeds they see that these countries and their cities are the most beautiful places on Earth so that is why Trump won. American’s are not stupid and African and Hispanic Americans proved this when they didn’t come out to vote for Hillary Clinton. Do you think African and Hispanic Americans don’t know that President Bill Clinton was the architect of the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” Law that gutted African and Hispanic communities throughout our country? Do you think African and Hispanic Americans didn’t notice that Hillary Clinton could have picked Senator Cory Booker or the Democratic Party Chairperson Tom Perez for Vice President and won the election easily, instead she did the superficial usage of Spanish by a white politician to appeal to Latino voters. On top of that 7 in 10 Latinos say a candidate’s Spanish fluency won’t influence their vote anyway so that is why Trump won. Lastly, there’s Brad Parscale, Trump’s brilliant pick to run his campaign. I’m not going get into it here about this guy but all I have to say is this dude is off the charts. Go on to YouTube and watch his 60 Minutes interview and examine the way he seamlessly and intelligently answers every single question and then discern what he did during the campaign and how many light-years ahead of the Hillary Clinton campaign he was and you’ll see why Trump won.

As I’m writing this Nancy Pelosi just asked the House Democrats to proceed with the bizarro Articles of Impeachment on Trump’s alleged wrongdoing involving the Ukraine. She’s talking about how President Trump abused his power at the expense of our national security. So, let me get this straight, the last time the Democrats were in power and Joe Biden was Vice President and Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the House they spent billions on green energy projects while at the same time letting Exxon partner with Rosneft, Russia’s biggest oil company. The Democrats while spending billions on bunk green energy solar hustle projects were at the same time letting Exxon show Rosneft how to do sideways drilling that took Russia from 6 million barrels of oil per day up to 12 million barrels per day and made Russia, our supposed enemy, the largest oil producer in the world at that time. Then Rosneft and Exxon started complaining about how much they have to pay in fees to the Ukraine for oil and gas for storage and transport in the Crimea. What happens next? Russia takes over Crimea and America, the Arsenal of Democracy, sits on their hands and does nothing about it. So now, not only did we let a communist country take over an important region of one our most important ally’s country for cheaper oil and gas fees for Rosneft and Exxon but we also let them steal a trillion dollars of oil from the citizens of the Ukraine that lies off the coasts of Crimea in their maritime zone that’s three times the size of Crimea. In the midst of all this, things were beginning to look really shady so the Democrats decided to put sanctions on Russia with a secret exclusion that Exxon is allowed to help Russia develop their LNG which they are still presently doing and, just recently, completed an LNG pipeline through Crimea to Germany. Right now, Russia is the 2nd biggest oil producer in the world and are, as I am writing this, on their way to becoming the biggest LNG producer in the world because of the Democrats who constantly accuse President Trump of being a climate change denier. They talk about how President Trump risked our national security with the Ukraine situation but the Democrats let Crimea be taken over and while doing so empowered Russia economically to the highest degree. And what has Russia been doing with this new found wealth, they’re making hypersonic missiles to maybe be used against the US, undermining elections and the US throughout the world and even just today stealing $100 million from our banks through Evil Corp, a Russian-based cyber-criminal organization. I want to know when all the impeachments start for all the Democrats that spoke out about President Trump who were fully aware of this entire empowering of Russia scheme that they let happen then and that still continues today that is jeopardizing our national security 24/7/365. And to all the Democrats that are creating and spreading all this misinformation about the President of the United States on a daily basis, if you stop lying about President Trump, I’ll stop telling the truth about you.

Op-Ed written by Jack Kurz