Kiwanis Continues to Help Educate Parents about Shaken Baby Syndrome

Charlotte Debrossy wearing a purple hat

PARSIPPANY — 2019 marks the Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany fifth year participating in “CLICK for Babies: Period of PURPLE Crying Caps campaign” lead by Karen DeChristopher, Director and Co-Chair Dr. Julie Scarano-Debrossy and Nicolas Limanov of their “Young Children Priority One (YCPO)” service projects program.

Some of the many volunteers knitting the purple hats: Meg Abrams, Susan Kehr, Vera Borum, Jeanette Walker, Kathy Devonmille, and Theresa Stroup
Newborn Cayci Fisk was given a purple hat when she was born

Kiwanis members and friends knitted over 520 purple colored hats for infants, which were delivered in October to Prevent Child Abuse NJ, New Brunswick, where they are sent out to be washed, sterilized and prepared in airtight bags then distributed to new parents at participating hospitals across New Jersey during November and December to help educate new parents about both normal infant crying “Period of Purple Crying” and the dangers of shaking the infant “Shaken Baby Syndrome”.

PURPLE stands for an exhausting and frustrating period of increased crying that some infants experience in the first few weeks and months after birth. Although it is hard on babies, it is even harder on parents and caregivers.  This crying, which is normal, is so overwhelming to parents and caregivers that sometimes they shake the baby, causing permanent harm.

It is the No. 1 trigger for the shaking and abuse of infants.  Shaken baby syndrome has been found to be the most common and most dangerous form of abuse in children under one.  Roughly 80% of all infants who are shaken suffer significant brain injuries, and more than 30% die as a result of their injuries.  These purple hats can help prevent this, because the campaign aims to raise awareness about normal infant crying and the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma.

DeChristopher explained that, “Increased stress and frustration raises the risk of someone losing control for a split-second and seriously injuring the infant.  Parents must be educated on this extremely important issue, as well as the need to have a plan and to share that plan with anyone who may be caring for their infant.”

120 purple colored hats for infants, which were delivered to Prevent Child Abuse NJ by Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany

Prevent Child Abuse – New Jersey is one in a network of chapters in all 50 states.  Prevent Child Abuse-NJ is the only statewide non-profit dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect in all forms, for all New Jersey children.

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