Chemical Spill at Parsippany Sewer Plant

Parsippany Volunteer Fire Department District 5

PARSIPPANY — Par-Troy EMS, Rockaway Neck First Aid Squad, Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Officers, Parsippany District #5 Fire Department, along with their Haz-Mat Team responded to the Parsippany Sewer Plant for a chemical spill.

It was determined that a valve broke on a 330 gallon storage container causing the product to drain from the container exposing one employee, along with an officer who responded to the incident, to Peroxyacetic Acid.

The Sewer Plant employee received minor chemical burns, and due to the proximity the officer came to the spill, he also reported symptoms consist with exposure to the chemical. Both individuals were decontaminated and transported to Morristown Medical Center for treatment and later released. Clean up efforts, which were performed by a private company, continued into the evening.