Letter to the editor: The choice is clear: Vote dePierro, Carifi, Jr. and Gragnani for Council

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

After reading Democratic Council Vice-President Janice McCarthy’s recent letter to the editor (“The Financial Harm the 2019 Budget Causes,” April 26, 2019), one thing is very clear- the Parsippany Democrats know they screwed up and now they are desperately seeking someone to blame.

Mayor Michael Soriano and the Democrats on Council again put forward a budget this year that proposed a big tax increase on local residents. Last year it was about a 6% increase and this year taxes were slated to rise 4.7% – each well above the statewide average.

Luckily, the three Republicans on Township Council said “NO” and did their best to reduce the tax hit on residents by reducing the size of government.  The Republicans also rightfully called out Mayor Soriano for crying poor in his budget, but still finding the money to hire his former political staff to patronage jobs in town hall that they are vastly under qualified to do.

The election this year in Parsippany means a lot. If Democrats win, there will be nobody to stop Soriano from raising taxes every year and then spending our hard-earned money pursuing the same liberal fantasies that Governor Murphy does in Trenton. The choice is clear: Vote dePierro, Carifi, Jr. and Gragnani for Council.

Susanne Parisi