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Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany Honors Members at Annual Holiday Party

Past President Frank Cahill was honored with "Kiwanian of the Year," Nicolas Limanov and Bonnie Sturm was honored with George F. Hixson Fellowship  and Gordon Meth received the Tablet of Honor.

PARSIPPANY — Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany Honored four individuals at its Annual Holiday Party held at Hanover Manor on Tuesday, January 8.

Past President Frank Cahill was honored with “Kiwanian of the Year,” Nicolas Limanov and Bonnie Sturm was honored with George F. Hixson Fellowship  and Gordon Meth received the Tablet of Honor.

Frank Cahill receiving the Kiwanian of the Year award from Connie Keller and President Karen DeChristopher

Connie Keller, and last years Kiwanian of the Year, presented Frank Cahill, with the 2018 Kiwanian of the Year Award.  Keller said “This year’s Kiwanian of the Year is being recognized for making significant contributions to our Club last year.  Under this person’s guidance our club significantly increased its membership last year, earning us the #2 spot in the State for fastest growing club.  He attended every project we had and participated in every fundraiser.  He gives our club great publicity and advertising.  And because of him and his dedication to our club, Parsippany knows what a “Kiwanis” is. I am proud to award this year’s Kiwanian of the Year to Frank Cahill.”

Kiwanis member Nicolas Limanov receiving the George F. Hixson award from President Karen DeChristopher and President-elect Susan Elbin

In 1983, the Kiwanis Children’s Fund established the George F. Hixson Fellowship. Named for Kiwanis International’s first president, Hixon Fellowships. It’s a way of recognizing people who have contributed significantly to Kiwanis’ history of generosity. In fact, clubs and Kiwanians often give in honor of another person or organization – recognizing others’ help and commitment with a Hixon Fellowship.

For the Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany, we award the Hixon to a person(s) who have contributed to the betterment of the club and made significant contributions to the club and community. This year, the Hixon Award goes to two very special people.

Nick was supported by many guests at the event

Susan Elbin said “This Kiwanian has been an active member in our club for the past four years. Starting out by volunteering regularly for Homeless Solutions, he quickly jumped in with both feet into many of the other service projects the club performs. Without having prior experience in leading a large fundraising event, this Kiwanian stepped up two years ago to chair the Touch-A-Truck committee. His first year he was mentored by club members – especial Bob Keller. Last year, he began putting his own touches on the event — adding the landing of State Police Helicopter, the K-9 dogs, and Picatinny Arsenal. He worked with Frank Cahill to get local businesses like IHOP and Lake Hiawatha Dairy to donate promotional items to prepare a “giveaway” package upon leaving the event. He is already wheeling and dealing for 2019. He is also involved in non-Kiwanian, community activities such as being a First Responder, a FAA drone Pilot for the Parsippany Office of Emergency Management and working for several townships in Public Safety Telecommunications. He is a Board Member in both the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce and Wise Animal Rescue. This Kiwanian, at the age of 23, is credited for saving two lives, one from a car fire and the choking victim. He is also co-chair of the Young Children Priority One committee, the youngest member of Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany – helping to keep up all young! Thank you and congratulations to Nicolas Limanov.”

Ron Orthwein, Karen DeChristopher, Bonnie Sturm, Davey Willans and Betty Polen

The second George F. Hixson Fellowship was presented by Kiwanis Member Betty Polen. Some Kiwanis Clubs give to honor a non-Club person or organization to recognize their commitment to helping their community. Until now, the Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany has never done that. However, with the second Hixon, we are presenting just that.

Betty said “This individual has been active with one of the Sponsored Youth Clubs, now called Youth Leadership Clubs, sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany, for over twenty years. Many of our Club’s members have had the opportunity to work with this individual on several projects and have witnessed a wonderful interaction with Club officers, general club members and the New Jersey District Board. This individual believes in leading by example and makes it very clear to all of the club members that they are part of a service club, not a social club. Every Club member is required to sign a service agreement that defines the rules that they must follow to remain a club member in good standing as well as a commitment to complete a certain number of service hours during each marking period. The members of this Youth Leadership Club, known as “Key Club” are always to volunteer for anything and everything when they are asked to help, whether it be to support their local Kiwanis Club of the Township in general. She is a tremendous supporter of the New JErsey District of Key Club. Every year she brings as many Key Clubbers as possible to Fall Rally at Six Flags Great Adventure. Her Club always brings a large donation of school supplies or food donations or whatever is requested for that year to support the District Project. During the years that the Eliminate Project was the Kiwanis and Key Club International’s Project, her Key club raised oer $10,000.  Please join me in congratulating Bonnie Sturm on becoming a George F. Hixson Fellowship award recipient.

Parsippany Hills High School teacher Bonnie Sturm hugs Betty Polen upon accepting the George F. Hixson Fellowship

The Tablet of Honor was presented to Gordon Meth by Ron Orthwein.

The Tablet of Honor is one of the highest awards bestowed upon an individual from the Kiwanis International Foundation. Along with their plaque, each recipient’s name also appears on a Tablet of Honor accolade in the lobby of the Kiwanis International office in Indianapolis. The Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany has honored eight people for their hard work and dedication to the Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany. The eight current honorees are Harold Gantert (deceased), Karen Gajewski, Michael Mulhaul, Bob Keller, Joyce Garrow, Steve Dickens, Dr. Joseph Weisberg and Ron Orthwein.

The criteria for the Tablet of Honor are the same as the criteria for the George F. Hixson Fellowship with one notable exception,  the recipient must have worked every year in the club in all areas of the Hixon criteria for a minimum of ten years.

Ron Orthwein, Karen DeChristopher and Gordon Meth

Orthwein said “I have known this individual for the past 13 years and I can attest to the fact that he meets all of the criteria for this award. It is difficult if not impossible to review this individual’s accomplishments without immediately giving away his identity so instead I will just go through his Kiwanis Resume with you.

  • Past President Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany and Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany Foundation
  • Past Lieutenant Governor Division 9 New Jersey District of Kiwanis International (Twice)
  • Past Governor New Jersey District of Kiwanis International
  • Current Financial Counselor New Jersey District of Key Club International
  • Current Governor Elect New Jersey District of Kiwanis International
  • Current President Kiwanis Club of South Orange-Maplewood
  • Coach for the newly formed Kiwanis Club of Clifton

“I have the pleasure of awarding Gordon Meth with this such high honor,” continued Orthwein.

For more information on Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany, click here.

Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany has honored eight individuals with the Tablet of Honor
Frank L. Cahill
Frank L. Cahill
Publisher of Parsippany Focus since 1989 and Morris Focus since 2019, both covering a wide range of events. Mr. Cahill serves as the Executive Board Member of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce, President of Kiwanis Club of Tri-Town and Chairman of Parsippany-Troy Hills Economic Development Advisory Board.
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