Important Information regarding Fireworks and Concert

Fireworks over the sky at Parsippany Hills High School

PARSIPPANY — For all those planning to attend the Parsippany Fireworks & Concert on Wednesday, July 4, at the Parsippany Hills High School, Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Department wants everyone to be safe and enjoy the show, so please take note of the following information:
Concert – 7:30 p.m.
Fireworks – 9:30 p.m.

Please plan alternate travel routes if you are not attending the event. There will be traffic delays in the area of Route 53, Park Road, Brooklawn Drive and Route 202 during this time.

*Everyone in attendance will proceed through a Police checkpoint prior to entry.
*Intoxicated persons will be DENIED entry.

*All bags and containers are subject to inspection.

*Glass containers, alcoholic beverages, pets, personal fireworks (Even the Legal ones) and drones (or other types of Aircraft) are prohibited.

*Parking for People with Disabilities (Proper Placards Must Be Possessed) – Limited Parking at the Tennis Courts. Access can be gained via Glencove Road.

We will have volunteer members of the Parsippany Office of Emergency Management wearing Hi-Visibility Lime/Green Shirts at the event available for directions and guidance.

*There will be no parking from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on the following streets:

(Under Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills – Local Ordinance 405-9)

1) Brooklawn Drive Both sides – entire length

2) Rita Drive Both sides – entire length

3) Glencove Road. Left side beginning at Rita Drive ending at bottom parking lot, both sides beginning at top parking lot to Brooklawn Drive both sides from Brooklawn Drive extending 100 feet south toward Windsor Road then Left side to Windsor

4) Medford Road. Right side beginning at Brooklawn continuing to Glen Cove Road, then both sides from Glen Cove Road up to and including the cul de sac.

5) Elray Road. Left side starting at Rita Drive to Fairhaven Road, Then Right side beginning at Fairhaven Road and extending to the cul de sac.

6) Fairhaven Road. Both sides between Littleton Road and Christine Drive, right side beginning Christine Drive ending at Elray Road.

7) Christine Drive Right side, beginning at Fairhaven Road and extending south to the end.

8) Beachwood Road. Both sides between Littleton Road and Graham Court.

9) Fieldcrest Road. Both sides between Littleton Road and Atlantic Drive (Post Heavily)

10) Dolly Drive Left (West) side starting from Littleton Road to Dodie Drive.

11) Geoffrey Drive. Left side beginning at Dolly Drive and ending at Park Road.

12) Hennion Drive. East side beginning at Park Road to the end.

13) De Hart Road. Right side beginning at Park Road to Hennion Drive.

14) Fairview Place. Right side from Cottage Place to end including entire cul de sac.

15) Park Hill Court. Right side and entire area of cul de sac

16) Windsor Road. Right side beginning at Brooklawn Drive – entire length

17) Dartford/Ferncliff Road – Right side of Dartford Road from Exeter Drive to Ferncliff Road. Right side of Ferncliff Road starting at Dartford Road for 150 feet

18) Parsippany Hills High School Parkig Lot – Both sides of roadway between lower section of Glencove  Road to Rita Drive.

19) Emerson Road – East Side from Continental Road to Gates Court

20) Holly Drive – Inside curve around on North Side

Any unoccupied or occupied vehicle left parked or standing in the roadway in violation of this restriction shall be deemed a nuisance and menace to the safe and proper regulation of traffic, and any Police Officer may provide for the removal of such vehicle. The vehicle owner shall pay the reasonable costs of removal and storage, which may result, before regaining possession of the vehicle.