Pennacchio: No Way to Attract Amazon 

Senator Joe Pennacchio

MORRIS COUNTY — In response to Trenton Democrats various proposals to increase taxes on New Jersey’s residents and businesses by billions of dollars this year, Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26) issued the following statement:

“Recently New Jersey offered Amazon 5 billion dollars to locate its headquarters in Newark. It is difficult to believe that as New Jersey offers Amazon a 5 billion dollar incentive with one hand, it is pinching their pockets and all business pockets in New Jersey with the other hand. Perhaps they were hoping Amazon would not notice.

“This type of business incentive/non-incentive insanity simply reinforces New Jersey as the least business-friendly state in the country. The billion dollars in new employer taxes proposed will wipe out any goodwill New Jersey may have earned through corporate giveaways.

“This is not a way to attract and retain businesses in New Jersey. This is not the type of government the citizens of New Jersey deserve.”