Letter to the editor: DePierro, Gragnani and Valori need to listen to the people of Parsippany

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

During the months just prior to their re-election or election to office, dePierro, Gragnani and Valori will attend every event that they can and pretend to listen to the people who speak with them.  Then when they are elected to office, they turn their heads to the people who voted for them and don’t even have the time to talk to them when seen out in public during non-election times.

To make matters worse, when they are acting in their official capacity as Council people they limit the amount of time Parsippany residents can speak during the open public portion at Council meetings. It used to be 5 minutes and now because of DePierro, Gragnani and Valori, Parsippany residents can only speak for 3 minutes.

I hope that the Parsippany residents will remember that DePierro, Gragnani and Valori don’t have time to hear or listen to what Parsippany residents have to say when it comes time to vote during the next election.

With that said, I would encourage every resident who cares about Parsippany to contact these elected members and voice their concerns.

They have no problem talking to the residents when they are running for office.  So, why would now be any different.

Lou Valori,  36 Gatheringhill Court, Morris Plains 973-889-0065

Michael DePierro, 5 Fernwood Place, Parsippany  973-263-3333 

Loretta Gragnani,  11 Rhoda Terrace, Parsippany  973-335-8796

All of this information about these elected people is available online.

Varshaben Patel

Editors Note: We updated this letter to delete the organization. The writer is a member, but the letter was written as an individual and not as a representative of the organization.