Letter to the editor: Don’t let this administration continue to rob you

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

To my former neighbors and commercial property owners, the biggest scam perpetrated by Mayor Barbiero has been the transfer of monies from the sewer surplus ($7,000,000 to $8,000,000) to the Township General Operating Fund. 

As you know for seven years I have expressed my consternation about this theft. I held a petition signing at town hall in April 2011 and I contacted state officials, because clearly Mayor Barbiero is circumventing the 2% tax cap.

Remember 11 years ago, there was a 52% increase in sewer charges and a $25,000,000 bond issuance? When Barbiero ran for mayor three years after that increase went into effect his campaign flyer “Light At the End of the Tunnel” referenced that 52% sewer rate increase by the previous administration and implied he would offer relief. Since then the Mayor saw the pot of gold and could not stop from helping himself to it.

Well, two months ago I had an epiphany, “What about starting a class action lawsuit?” The case would hinge on the fact that the invoices sent to sewer ratepayers does not state that the payments would be used for sewer charges AND the general operating fund! I believe there is a real case there.

We, the users, have been scammed for seven years and no matter how Mayor Barbiero spins it this transfer is wrong.

What happens 5-10 years from now when the sewer treatment plant needs an upgrade or major repairs, where will the money be?  It is the equivalent of someone saving over time to pay for house repairs but instead taking all the money to Atlantic City and gambling it away, then having to get a bank loan to pay for the repairs. You’re too smart for that right? Well apparently Barberio isn’t. Or maybe he’s doing what he needs to do to feed the bloated government he’s created while still conning residents into believing he hasn’t increased their taxes.

Oh by the way, the problems Barberio has created are already starting to cost residents money. In the 2017 Budget, the mayor bonded (took out a long-term loan) for $10,000,000 money you’ll be paying back.

Wake-up Parsippany! You’ve been fleeced. Montville, which uses Parsippany sewer treatment services is threatening OR has filed a lawsuit to be reimbursed for the money diverted from the sewer fund. Don’t let this administration continue to rob you. Get out on November 7 and vote.

Roy Messemer