Lake Parsippany Easement Assessment Information Session to be held

Lake Parsippany

PARSIPPANY — Lake Parsippany Easement Assessment Information Session will be held on Tuesday, October 11 at 7:00 p.m. and again on Wednesday, October 12 at 7:00 p.m. at Lake Parsippany Club House, 701 Lake Shore Drive.

Information sessions are open to all 2016 LPPOA members.  To gain admission you must have a current 2016 photo badge.  There will be no guest badges allowed or any other exceptions.

The Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association (LPPOA) is in the process of attempting to pass an easement assessment which will allow them to collect money from 2,204 homeowners who live near the lake under the guise of the lake view increases the property value therefore the home owner should pay to upkeep the lake appearance   

The LPPOA has already invested vast funds to pay for lawyers to pass this easement. The meetings are to explain to the members the easement assessment and have the general membership to vote to move forward. 

In the event a homeowner decides not to pay the easement assessment a Lein will be placed on the property.

Since the public will be impacted by these votes it is imperative the public be informed of these secret meetings.

Should the LPPOA be held accountable to the sunshine laws?

A reader submitted to Parsippany Focus: “Hello, recently I’ve been researching the Lake Parsippany Easement Assessment. My main concern is the absolutely disregard in the voting system. With the presidential elections coming up we are all reminded of how the citizens of a location have the most power in the democratic system. However this system is not being honored in the deciding of this Assessment. Around 300 families will vote on the well being of 2,204 families, which I think is the absolute definition of unfair. This vote should be open to everyone in district 1-4. I have contacted all the members on the LPPOA and have gotten no response. I have also contacted Mayor James Barberio’s office with no response. I think as leaders of this community it is their job to make sure everyones voices are heard. The proposal of this idea is fine. Democracy is built off ideas proposed by the common man. However the only people allowed in the meeting are members who hold a lake badge. Which costs over $250.00 for the year.”

Currently LPPOA has no President. The following is a list of officers:

Bill Sempier, Vice President. Email: 

Marilyn Ammirata, Secretary

Phil Berardo, Treasurer. Email:

Dan Nazzaro, Financial Secretary. Email:

Debbie Orme, District 1 (Drewes Beach Area). Email:

Maryellen Iradi, District 3 (Jorges Beach Area). Email:

Barbara Allu, District 4 (Hoffman Beach Area). Email:

Sebastian Ostolaza, District 4 (Hoffman Beach Area). Email:

For more information on the Lake Parsippany Easement Assessment, click here.

The Bylaws of Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association would need to be amended to include the appropriate and legal language needed to implement and manage the Annual Assessment/Easement Fee.

Over the past 14 months, LPPOA volunteers have been investigating the possibility of implementing an easement assessment on all 2204 homes within the original purchase tract of the lake.

In addition to the volunteers, with membership approval, LPOAA have secured the services of Eileen Born of Dolan and Dolan Attorneys to investigate the costs, steps and stages that would be needed in the process. The Board has projected that the possibility exists that they may be unable to support the lake from our operating budget within the next 6-10 years.

This projection was confirmed as part of the membership volunteer’s investigation. Over the years, the LPPOA Board has been learning from its participation in COLA (Coalition of Lake Associations) and by observing the efforts of other lakes in the area. Many have begun or are transitioning to a mandatory payment structure. Most recently transitioned are Lakes Arrowhead and Intervale, Many members have asked why the LPPOA doesn’t have a mandatory membership of all property owners in the Lake Parsippany community. The basic premise being that in order to reap the benefit of living in the community you need to help with the burden of cost. The concept is often referred to as an “Easement Assessment”. Basically how it would work is that every property within the boundaries of the original purchase tract of Lake Parsippany would be required to pay an annual assessment fee. This fee would cover lake property maintenance and would include structured lake usage privileges. These specific maintenance and usage privilege are included in this information package for your review, available by clicking here. In addition to the assessment fee, a membership option would be available at an additional cost that would allow full access to all lake activities as a full membership does today.

There will be a special meeting of the membership for the purpose of acting on a proposed recommendation to initiate an easement assessment upon all property owners within the original purchase tract of Lake Parsippany.

The meeting will be held at the East Lake Elementary School, 40 Eba Road, starting promptly at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 19. Proof of property ownership and LPPOA 2016 photo badge membership required for entry to the meeting. No guest badges no exceptions.