Northvail Students Earn 5,707 Study Island™ “Blue Ribbons” This Summer!

Pictured are the students who earned the greatest number of blue ribbons on Study Island™ this summer: Aabha Paranipe, Akhil Dachepally, Anikait Sota, Sanjana Medapati and Aadi Seth

PARSIPPANY — Study Island™ is a web-based interactive program designed as an instruction, practice and assessment system.  The Northvail Elementary School students accepted Principal Jeff Martens’ summer challenge to work on Study Island™ skill lessons.  Their goal was to collectively earn 4,500 Study Island™ blue ribbons and they did it!  This is an increase from last year when the students earned 4,000 ribbons during the summer.

What is a blue ribbon? If a student earns a blue ribbon it means that they have obtained a score considered proficient in a particular skill topic.

A special thanks goes to Principal Jeff Martens, for periodically reaching out and encouraging the students and parents during the summer.  Of course, a sincere thanks to the parents who understand how important it is to have their child engage in academic activities during the summer.

Northvail is a kindergarten through fifth grade school where staff and parents work together to provide a nurturing environment for the students. The school’s diverse population provides wonderful opportunities to learn about many different cultures, traditions and life styles. Northvail School is located at 10 Eileen Court.