Wifflemania XXXI raises $1,600 for local charities

Misfits from Parsippany - Mike DiBernard, Dom Simone, Matt Korman, Adam Stazo

Kevin Friedhoff from Ballbusters – Parsippany

PARSIPPANY —This year the Wifflemania teams raised approximately $1,600 which 100% is donated to The Muscular Dystrophy Association, The Valerie Fund and The Parsippany Food Pantry.

The games were played on Saturday, June 20 at Manor Park.

Recap of the games:    

Congratulations to Greg Cleary, Vinnie “Veal” Marchese and Jeff Cleary from Two N’ Out on capturing their fifth and third consecutive Wifflemania Title in an epic, extra inning final over The Big Kahunas 13-6.  

Down 3-2 going into the top of thefifth, Two N’ Out rallies back to take a 4-3 lead. The Kahunas tie it up in the bottom of the fifth, leaving the winning run at second to force extra innings. Two N’ Out explodes for nine runs in the top of the sixth. Kahunas only managed two runs in the bottom of thesixth as the record crowd of 85 fans mobbed the field.

Jeff Cleary was named the tournament’s MVP as he played solid defense and was the team’s most consistent hitter all day.

New Era’s, Austin DeCotiis wins the HR Title win 4 bombs.

Wifflemania XXXI Official Records:

Two N’ Out 5-0
Big Kahunas 4-1
Ballbusters 3-1
Wrestlers 5-2
Perforated Punishers 4-2
Mudhens 3-2
Misfits 3-2
Beer Nuts 3-2
Bangers 2-2
Wise Guys 2-2
The Colonials 2-2
War Pigs 2-2
New Era 2-2
Manginas 2-2
Boobi’s Bombers 1-2
Billy Batts 1-2
Home Plate Bullies 1-2
Bad News Beesr 1-2
Gardenhosers 0-2
God Speed 0-2
Blaster Plastic 0-2
All Day 0-2
Jager Bombers 0-2
Stictly Business 0-2
Barnyard Bombers 0-2
The Awards
The Awards