Letter to the editor: This 30 year plus guy, lets say goodbye. Time to enjoy your grand kids.

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lettersDear Editor:

I have an accurate encounter to report regarding dePierro. Before I do so, I have to ask if he provided 30 years plus of service on the council or if 30 plus years on the council has served him. Its one hell of a part-time pay check. Most government peeps retire after 25.

Moving to my point: He personally told me this story at my fire department wet down in (I believe it was 1998). He said Rosemary Agostini called officials on him. There was some type of allegation regarding his finances in his campaign. (I’m not exactly sure what.) He fixed the error. No charges were brought. But……. The allegation existed. And he resented her forever.

Now, fast forward to Mayoral races Mimi vs. Rosemary, multiple times. Republican Michael dePierro threw all his support and efforts to support a democrat Mimi Letts because he refused to support Rosemary. In his words, as I remember them, “She tried to get me locked up”. Granted, Mimi actually wasn’t bad, but….. when a senior Republican who alternated chairmanship with the great Jimmy Vigilante, how can he justify being a Republican when in fact he is more for himself than the township.

This is the problem with representative politics. On one hand you expect them to vote the way their constituency expects. But it seems on all levels, they vote in a way that supports their own needs, wants, likes and interests.

So, this 30 year plus guy, lets say goodbye. Time to enjoy your grand kids.

His counterpart Ferrara is no better. When hosting a Pasta Dinner fundraiser for a youth sports club in Parsippany at my firehouse, it is custom to put out orange cones to prevent party attendees from blocking the parking lot from firemen in the event of a fire. They come in fast and unexpected, and require the space to pull in quickly, and mount the fire trucks.

Well, I was taking a garbage bag out to the dumpster when a car pulled in between the cones and tried to park, and the driver got out. I asked him to park next door like everyone else. He responded by arguing with me, and pointing out other cars. I agreed with him, and stated I will go inside and instruct these people to move. But….. That doesn’t mean you can park there.

If a fire alarm goes off right now, these guys need a place to come screeching in. Please park next door. He stared me down, argued with me, asked me to say who I was, and hesitated for almost 5 minutes. So…. my question is, once he heard it was for firemen only for emergencies, WHAT ELSE DID HE HAVE TO SAY?? Having said that, Now you know Ferrara too. Same ticket.

I hate to follow Pat, but the election calendar is unfolding.

Carifi is change and good change. Vote his ticket. Carifi, Visakay and Beehler. Lets Stop the fighting. We are constantly making statewide newspapers. Millions spent on disputes. Legal battles. Enough!!

Keith Campbell 

Please note: 

The Board of Fire Commissioners, Officers and Members of District 5 Fire Department have always considered Councilman dePierro a friend of the Fire Department, in a letter to the Editor dated May 29, 2015 Mr. Keith Campbell stated his opinion which he is entitled to, it does not reflect the opinion of the Fire Department Membership of this District. Mr. Campbell is not currently on the roster of District 5’s membership.