Letter to the Editor: Our Town is Not for Sale

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor: 

The circus was in town on Tuesday. There were strongmen, clowns, elephants and RINOs with the taxpayers facing a financial tight rope due to an unholy alliance between the Mayor and his Big Union Supporters.

The strongmen were made up of mobs of out-of-town Union workers filling town hall making it almost impossible for actual residents to enter to voice their concerns. The Town Hall was so full of non-resident union workers, the masses had to be asked to move to the halls to prevent a fire hazard. At least five residents who wished to speak against the PLA could not do so as they were afraid to leave their cars and push through the sign wielding mob.  Others were turned away at the door due to occupancy restrictions.

Those residents early enough and brave enough to speak, faced jeers and hisses from the self-serving peanut gallery. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it, you can watch the videos yourself (Link). The Mayor, who was squarely on the side of the union, bellowed “the PLA would go through” resulting in cheers from the union members seeking to make a quick buck from the town.

To be clear, the PLA (Project Labor Agreement) (click here) would ensure Big Unions get town projects over $5 million dollars. It removes competitive bidding and has no benefit for the taxpayers or residents. So why would a supposed fiscal conservative Republican support this Biden initiative (Click here)


Construction Unions have contributed thousands of dollars to Mayor Barberio’s election campaign and thousands more to his re-election campaign.  This is astounding for a local election.

Is this quid pro quo? 

Mayor Barberio vehemently denied the supposition and even seemed offended by the idea, however, quid pro quo is defined as “a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.”

The Mayor’s response was that he cannot control who donates. But the Mayor CAN control what ordinances are proposed. There is a clear conflict of interest when a pro union ordinance, which does not benefit the town, is proposed the same year the Mayor is elected on the backs of union dollars.

More concerning was the throngs of non-resident unions supporters who showed up for this dog and pony show. One must wonder how far in advance this was planned and who Mayor Barberio really works for.

I urge you to contact the mayor’s office (Click here) and your council members (Click here) and make it clear that Parsippany residents should be the Mayor’s first priority. If you can be there in person, please do. The PLA ordinance is terrible for our town. It must not go through.

There will be another meeting on Tuesday, October 18th at Parsippany Hills High School to accommodate the over 500 union workers scheduled to show. Come and tell the Mayor our town is not for sale. 

Name Withheld
Parsippany Resident

Editors Note: It was requested by the author of this letter to keep the name confidential. Parsippany Focus verified the author, as a standard policy.  The request was honored because of the fear of retaliation.