King and Queen Named at Mt. Tabor Children’s Day

Maya Lau and Braylon Moore "King and Queen" of Mt. Tabor

PARSIPPANY — Braylon Moore was named King and Maya Lau was named Queen during Mt. Tabor’s Children’s Day Celebration held August 5 through August 7. Also, Charlie Davis was named the First Attendant and Keegan Tracy was named Second Attendant.

The royal court lead the parade which featured marching bands, community groups, costumes, decorated bicycles and wagons, maypoles and an array of people-created floats.

Charlie Davis was named the First Attendant
Keegan Tracy was named Second Attendant

Maya Lau is the youngest daughter of Jim and Dawn Lau. She is currently a sophomore at Parsippany Hills High School. She loves soccer, singing, performing, art, cosplay, gaming and fashion.

Maya plays soccer for Parsippany Hills High School. When not playing soccer, Maya loves to perform with Mt Tabor ARTs Collaborative as well as Parsippany Hills Players. She was recently seen in MTAC’s highly acclaimed Addams Family as Clara Bow. Maya loves video games and is happiest when at special events such as Comic-Con and Anime-NYC. Maya’s dream is to go to University and pursue a career in fashion design after graduation. She is honored to be the 153rd Queen of Mt. Tabor taking over for her sister, Rhaya Lau, who was Queen last year. When asked what her favorite thing about living on “the hill” is, she said her peaceful walks through town and all the unique activities in her community.

Braylon Moore, son of Devon and Allison Moore, is a varsity athlete at Parsippany Hills High School. He plays football, basketball and track and field for the Hills. In his spare time, he loves hanging out with family and friends, learning about technology and playing golf. After graduation, Braylon is planning on continuing to be a scholar-athlete in college playing basketball and pursuing a business degree.

Grand Marshall Mary Ann O’Brien

The origin of Children’s Day in Mount Tabor grew out of the Sunday School activities. An early program promotes the Sunday School Anniversary held Saturday evening, August 1, 1885, with the instruction that cottages are to be illuminated as the procession of Sunday School students and a band pass through the principal streets of Mount Tabor halting at the new Tabernacle for a program of songs and recitations followed by ice cream and good cheer. A Sermon to Young People followed on Sunday.The special festivities soon came to include athletic games, singing, decorations, and a concert, along with religious instruction and the parade. By 1887, the Tabor Record notes that Children’s Day was a three-day event. A program from 1893 describes the day’s activities starting with a tennis tourney on Saturday morning, an afternoon parade accompanied by Voss’ Military Band to the Young People’s Park for music, children’s carousel, and balloon ascensions. A full schedule of field games, refreshments, prizes, and music was followed by an evening parade with illuminations and decorations and a Promenade Concert.

The children growing up in Mount Tabor gain a healthy appreciation for service at a young age since every year they witness their parents, siblings, and neighbors come together to make this special event happen. They know that one day they will be the volunteers needed to make Children’s Day work, and therein lies the magic. One generation after another, caring enough to make sure Children’s Day happens. That the lanterns are displayed, the show goes on, the maypoles are ready and the ice cream is cold.

Free birch beer was supplied by Hoover’s
Concert and fireworks were held after the parade

Concert and fireworks were held after the parade