Letter to the Editor: 2021 Republican Primary – A Choice for the Future

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

The Republican Primary to be held on Tuesday, June 8, includes Jamie Barberio and Lou Valori for Parsippany Mayor. Parsippany has a choice to make about the future of the town.

First, let us start with the major accomplishments of the two candidates.

Lou’s greatest accomplishment while serving on the Town Council was to decrease from 5 minutes to 3 minutes the ability of the citizens of Parsippany to address the Town Council about their concerns or issues. Lou did not want people speaking if they did not agree with his positions, he could not silence them but he could limit their ability to speak. Lou would also speak over people, cut them off, or question them while they were speaking to diminish their already truncated 3 minutes. This is all recorded on the Town Council videos.

Leadership is the ability to use an example, evidence, logic, and fact to bring people who may disagree with you or be on the fence to your side of an issue. Lou has never demonstrated any of these skills. People who don’t tow Lou’s party line are to be dismissed, detoured, and discouraged from speaking up or even worse organizing others against the party position. Lou did not want to let anyone lead others into opposition to his positions with skills he did not possess. Overall Lou supports his financial backers over the average citizens of Parsippany.

What about Jamie Barberio? Jamie’s greatest accomplishment in public office was to turn the town over to political parasite John Inglesino. While Jamie went around town shaking hands, John went through Town Hall shaking down the Town. While Town Attorney every action in the Town was reviewed and analyzed by Ingelsino’s law firm, along with corresponding billing hours, to bleed the Town of every possible penny. John would come to Town Council meetings and address not legal issues, but political issues, assisting Lou in suppressing people voicing their thoughts. John was not the Town Attorney, he was the Administration’s Attorney. US District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Amy Berman Jackson, recently ruled that former Attorney General Bill Barr lied to Congress, the court, and the country. Bill Barr served not as US Attorney General for We The People, he served as the former President’s personal attorney. Here in Parsippany John did not serve We The People, he served first himself, then the Town Administration. John’s opinion was like Marie-Antoinette’s (bride of France’s King Louis XVI), “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”—“Let them eat cake.”

Parasites, like hemoglobin-sucking annelids (segmented worms without a backbone, ex. leeches) feed off the lifeblood of a host and weaken the host. Political parasites feed off the tax dollars of the town and weaken the Town. After the 2017 election where the people of Parsippany sent Lou and Jamie packing, I went to their least Town Council meeting and told them part of the reason they were removed was their fealty to the parasite. On Tuesday, May 4, Jamie held a first $900 per-person fundraiser at Nero’s Grille in Livingston, note Livingston, not Parsippany. The gathering featuring a prime rib dinner included John Inglesino hoping to return to
feed on the Town.
Bob Crawford wrote in Parsippany Focus that “based on his past failed record, (defined by incompetence, indifference, and self-interest), is unable to raise financial support from Parsippany voters and so has to return to the corporate fat cats who used Parsippany as their personal ATM’s during the years he was Mayor.

A serving of prime rib may have cost the likes of Johnny I and his ilk only $900 a plate, but should Jamie win, Parsippany residents will be paying off the inevitable “pay to play” tab off for years to come.”

Robert Blake in an email to Parsippany Focus said “Barberio held the first event as a mayoral candidate is a high-dollar fundraiser located in Essex County. It makes me wonder how passionate he is about taking this seat back from the Mayor he lost it to in 2017, Parsippany businesses are hurting as a result of the pandemic. We have a multitude of options right here in the township that would suit any type of political event. Hosting his kickoff event in Livingston is a slap in the face to the hardworking business owners of Parsippany who have been hanging by a thread for over a year now.” Seems I’m not the only person to notice.

In the Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 8, moving forward there is only one choice for Parsippany Town Mayor between Jamie Barberio and Lou Valori: Michael Soriano

Brian Tappen