Former Mayor Barberio, Neglia and Orme Kicks Off Campaign

Honest, Competent and Proven Leadership for Parsippany's Future!

James Barberio

PARSIPPANY — The team of James R. Barberio, Frank Neglia, and Debbie Orme are running as a team for Mayor and Council in this year’s municipal election in Parsippany-Troy Hills.

Former Mayor James R. Barberio is running for Mayor. Frank Neglia and Debbie Orme, both current elected School Board representatives, are joining Barberio’s ticket as Town Council candidates. Barberio stated, “I am running for Mayor to provide our residents with honest, competent, and proven leadership for Parsippany’s future.  Having grown up in Parsippany, I love this town and its people too much to subject them to four more years of the current Mayor’s gross mismanagement and incompetence. Raising water rates 39% in one year and then blaming it on me demonstrates that the current Mayor fails to take responsibility for his own actions.  “The fact is we can’t afford four more years of this Mayor.”

Barberio will run on his record of proven financial management. Keeping taxes low, creating a surplus in the Township’s water and sewer utilities, and negotiating strong financial agreements with developers were hallmarks of the Barberio administration. “The current Mayor’s record of raising taxes due to mismanagement and his hiring of political cronies to Township positions is upsetting but his failure to take responsibility is disgraceful.

Barberio will also run on his record of honesty.”People always knew where I stood. Sometimes telling the truth means you must tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. I was always truthful with the people of Parsippany. The same cannot be said about the Mayor. He spent the last election telling the people he was against development, and his administration has spent the last four years approving the largest residential projects in Parsippany’s history. The people see through the current Mayor’s habit of saying one thing and doing another. Frankly, people want honesty, and they want competence. That’s why I’m running and that is why my team and I will win.”

James R. Barberio served as Mayor of the Township of Parsippany for eight years from 2010-2017. Prior to that, he served as a Councilman from 2002–2005 and 2008-2009. Mr. Barberio is a proud product of Parsippany, having graduated from Parsippany Hills High School in 1979. He has lived in Parsippany virtually his entire life.   Currently, Mr. Barberio serves as a Township Business Administrator.

Frank Neglia has served Parsippany for decades.  He is currently elected to the Parsippany Board of Education, a position he has held since 2006.   He has served as the President of the Parsippany Board of Education for the past five years.   Mr. Neglia is President of the Par -Troy Little League West for 24 years.  He is a past Rotarian of the year recipient.  He has served as Chairman of the Parsippany Recreation Advisory Committee since 2001.  He is an active member of numerous civic organizations including, a member of St. Christopher’s Parish and Elks Club of Parsippany. Professionally, Mr. Neglia is currently the Director of Operations and Facilities Management for the Connection for Women and Families. Mr. Neglia is a proud product of Parsippany, having graduated from Parsippany Hills High School in 1975. Frank and his wife Sandra are blessed with five children and eight grandchildren.   Frank has lived in Parsippany since 1966.

Debbie Orme is a current member of the Parsippany Board of Education, having been three times elected. Debbie Orme is an active and productive member of the Board of Education, playing key roles in transportation policies, championing technology advancements, and serving on the Demographics Committee. Mrs. Orme understands what it takes to balance the need for significant community services with the need to do so at the least possible cost to the taxpayers. Debbie Orme has worked in the property and casualty industry for the past fifteen years, so she understands the importance of assessing risk in making decisions.  Debbie has also been involved in many other community organizations such as local youth sports, animal rescue and as a church service coordinator. Mrs. Orme is a proud product of Parsippany, having graduated from Parsippany Hills High School in 1981. Debbie and her husband Joseph are blessed with four children and three grandchildren. Debbie has lived in Parsippany since 1967.

Mayor Barberio stated, “My running mates and I have the experience, integrity, and proven ability to lead Parsippany into the future. We make one solemn pledge – to always do what is right for the Township of Parsippany – Troy Hills.”